Jurgen Klinsmann For England?

Sam Allardyce is out as England manager after only 67 days. The Daily Telepgraph’s undercover expose and 10-month investigation finds English football embroiled in one of the biggest scandals in years. The big question now turns to who will replace Big Sam? In England, the polls and voting has already started and the man being mentioned once again as a potential successor is Jurgen Klinsmann! Is he the right man for the job? Would England really hire a German coach? Would the USMNT fight to keep him should there be interest? Join the conversation. Get stuck in.

Red Card…Arsene Wenger

In this week’s verbal memo to fellow football fans we talk Arsene Wenger and we’re handing out a red card.

The Arsenal empire is crumbling before our very eyes. Gone are the victorious days and glorious moments of lifting trophies. The winning culture at the Gunners has long past and the once dominant and beautiful north London team continue to spiral out of football form.

Arsenal and Wenger have been extremely stubborn with their transfer policy. The ramifications of this philosophy is now evident on the pitch. Something has to change. The red card and criticism is deserved.

Red Card…

This could be the second red card I’ve given to Mr.Wenger in the space of a couple of seasons and I feel it is absolutely deserved. Unless he does something major in this summer’s transfer window, he’ll be getting a lot more than a red card from the Gooner nation. You have been warned Arsene.

It’s an absolute certainty Arsenal will lose Cesc Fabregas this summer. And there are now rumblings his fellow midfield maestro Samir Nasri could be out of the door too. To be without Fabregas is a tough pill to swallow. But to lose Nasri as well might be one pill too many to take.

Red card…

BaldrefwithRedCardDear Arsenal Board,

We hope you are having a sizzling summer season so far. Manchester City and Real Madrid sure are! They’ve both created some gigantic waves across the whole of Europe this summer and boy are they having a blast! Even Manchester United have had a little dive in the deep end of the transfer pool. Chelsea and Liverpool haven’t been splashing around as much because they don’t need to get that wet. And you Arsenal…well once again you insist on plodding around in the baby transfer pool while every other major European team continues to swim in the big pool with the big boys. Why?

Red card…

baldrefwithredcard1A red card must go to the entire Arsenal team. Why? Dumped out of the Champions League by Manchester United. Humiliated by Chelsea at home in the Premier League on Saturday. Gutless. Spineless. Spiritless. What’s to like about this Arsenal team? Who are they? What do they stand for? They have no identify. No leadership. Where are the men? Houston…we have a major @#$%^&* problem.

Red card…

baldrefwithredcardArsene Wenger gets a red card for not playing Nasri and Arshavin in the F.A. Cup Semi-Final against Chelsea. Even though the Gunners started the first 20 minutes well, the manager’s team selection caught up with him eventually.

There was no creativity. There was no danger. There was no width. There was no Arsenal. Fabregas went missing and Walcott just couldn’t make things happen for the team. Diaby and Song are not the answer in midfield. Arshavin and Nasri could have dictated that game given the chance but Wenger chose to be negative when he loves playing positive football. Instead it was Chelsea playing the delicious football.