Since it’s inception, the Premier League has certainly has given us some of the finest football we have ever seen. English football was always fun to watch, but when more stars from around the world arrived into the league, the level of play became exceptional.

From Holland, to Italy, Denmark, France, Germany and beyond, the Premier league became the biggest attraction on earth where football was concerned. Yes the money was alluring, but so was the style of football. It might not be the most technical league in the world, but it certainly is the most exciting and entertaining.

They played sexy football. They dazzled fans. They became legends. They left their mark on the Premier League. To make our legends list, you must be retired from the game. Here is our list thus far…

1. Dennis Bergkamp {Arsenal} {316 appearances} {91 goals}

1. Thierry Henry {Arsenal} {254 appearances} {174 goals}

2. Eric Cantona {Manchester United} {144 appearances} {64 goals}

2. Ryan Giggs {Manchester United} {672 appearances} {114 goals}

3. Peter Schmeichel {Manchester United} {292 appearances} {0 goals}

4. Alan Shearer {Blackburn Rovers} {138 appearances} {112 goals} {Newcastle Utd} {303 appearances} {148 goals}

5. Steven Gerrard {Liverpool} {504 appearances} {120 goals}

6. Gianfranco Zola {Chelsea} {229 appearances} {59 goals}

7. Robbie Fowler {Liverpool} {369 appearances} {191 goals} {Leeds United} {30 appearances} {14 goals} {Blackburn Rovers} {3 appearances} {0 goals}

8. Roy Keane {Manchester United} {323 appearances} {33 goals} {Celtic} {10 appearances} {1 goal}

9. Paul Scholes {Manchester United} {466 appearances} {102 goals}

10. Andrew Cole {Newcastle United} {70 appearances} {55 goals} {Manchester United} {195 appearances} {95 goals} {Blackburn Rovers} {83 appearances} {27 goals} {Fulham} {31 appearances} {12 goals} {Manchester City} {22 appearances} {9 goals}

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    Antonio Conte is proving that the "need time to get used to the Premier League" is just a myth that most clubs, managers, players and fans utilize as an excuse for being average or rubbish.

    Can Sunderland just be relegated already? Are we not all tired of hearing about their relegation survival and how they'd already be in the Championship without Jermaine Defoe?!!

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    "The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning."
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