Red Card…Arsene Wenger

In this week’s verbal memo to fellow football fans we talk Arsene Wenger and we’re handing out a red card.

The Arsenal empire is crumbling before our very eyes. Gone are the victorious days and glorious moments of lifting trophies. The winning culture at the Gunners has long past and the once dominant and beautiful north London team continue to spiral out of football form.

Arsenal and Wenger have been extremely stubborn with their transfer policy. The ramifications of this philosophy is now evident on the pitch. Something has to change. The red card and criticism is deserved.

Oldham Athletic is our team of the week. We give them lots of football cuddles and love for bringing the F.A. Cup to life this season. Oldham have provided typical F.A. Cup drama and good old fashioned football. And they are doing it against Premier League teams. We tip our hats to you.

Player of the week goes to Barcelona babe Lionel Messi. He can’t stop scoring. He breaks records every weekend! If you haven’t heard about his latest achievement, have a listen and see what the wee magic man has done now.

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