Red card…

BaldrefwithRedCardDear Arsenal Board,

We hope you are having a sizzling summer season so far. Manchester City and Real Madrid sure are! They’ve both created some gigantic waves across the whole of Europe this summer and boy are they having a blast! Even Manchester United have had a little dive in the deep end of the transfer pool. Chelsea and Liverpool haven’t been splashing around as much because they don’t need to get that wet. And you Arsenal…well once again you insist on plodding around in the baby transfer pool while every other major European team continues to swim in the big pool with the big boys. Why?

The Gooner nation is curious…

1. When you are going to buy another player so Thomas Vermaelen doesn’t feel like the only new boy in the changing room come the new season?

2. Are you going to buy that battling midfielder you so desperately need?

3. Do you plan to hijack John Terry’s move to Manchester City?!!! (LOL)

4. Do you have any plans to challenge for trophies next season?

5. Will it be another year of promises and let downs?

For now, the Arsenal Board receives a Red Card to match those red faces that are frying instead of tanning on a beach somewhere around the world. Get your fingers out and your cheque books ready money men because let me tell you…this will be the last season of patience for Arsenal fans. If you didn’t get a copy of the memo, they are over you! They want to win and they want to win now. Don’t let them down or you could find yourselves with red faces again come the end of next season…