He’s a blue devil now…

Join_us_280x390_845842aHere it is. The picture Manchester United fans didn’t want to see. Former United heroes Mark Hughes and Carlos Tevez proudly show-off the blue shirt of Manchester City to celebrate Tevez joining the team.┬áIf I were a United fan I’d be gutted. It would feel like someone just stabbed me in the heart. Of all the teams in all the land, did Tevez have to join City! What a dagger!

Carlos Tevez will be a superstar at Manchester City. He will be the main man. He will get everything he wanted at United and more. And Tevez wants to prove Sir Alex Ferguson wrong. Signing for City is a calculated move. It’s also a move about money of course, but why not twist the knife while you’re trying to make your point. Will Sir Alex regret this one?

United have now lost two world class players in Ronaldo and Tevez. They have signed Michael Owen from Newcastle, Antonio Valencia from Wigan and Gabrielle Obertan, a relative unknown from Bordeaux. Now these are not the superstar names United fans were expecting to see swing through the Theater of Dreams doors this summer. But if Sir Alex pulls this off, it will be the shrewdest bit of business he’s done in a while. The man has done it before with his 1990’s so-called team of kids (Giggs, Neville, Beckham) and he can certainly do it again.

So be patient United fans. Let the new season start before you start throwing the same daggers Tevez did.