Red card…

baldrefwithredcard1A red card must go to the entire Arsenal team. Why? Dumped out of the Champions League by Manchester United. Humiliated by Chelsea at home in the Premier League on Saturday. Gutless. Spineless. Spiritless. What’s to like about this Arsenal team? Who are they? What do they stand for? They have no identify. No leadership. Where are the men? Houston…we have a major @#$%^&* problem.

Get your cash ready this summer Mr.Wenger. Don’t be shy to spend it. You can’t let another transfer market slip you by. Otherwise the gap between you Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool will grow as wide as the Grand Canyon. You need word class talent. You need game-changers. You need men.¬†Get rid of Adebayor, your defense and your goalkeepers. Have a chat with Van Persie to make sure he really wants to be there. And make Arshavin your captain. Doesn’t seem Fabregas is quite upto the task. Oh and buy some British players will you. We find that really helps on a soggy Saturday afternoon in Hull, Stoke or Wigan.

Fancy football is not paying the bills for Arsenal fans. You’ve got one more season and then they’ll really start turning. Sorry fellas…it’s got to be red…

2 thoughts on “Red card…”

  1. Wow…I’m surprised to hear you’re so willing to blow up the team and start over again. True, Arshavin is the future but guys like Fabregas and Van Persie have been instrumental in Arsenal’s success and I’m not sure I’d be quick to toss them aside. Clearly, Arsenal needs to reevaluate things this summer and be more aggressive with who they go after and get.

    If they do as you say and have a whole “new-look” Arsenal squad next year, don’t you think it’ll still take time to rebuild? Next year could be even worse than this year for the Gunners.

  2. I never said implode. Getting a new goalkeeper and defense is a given with Arsenal. Sagna and Clichy are good players but their confidence has been shot because of the lack of central defense support. Granted Clichy has been injured, but Sagna hasn’t been the same player in the last few months. Those two are keepers. Gallas, Toure, Djourou and Silvestre can go. They could use a Zambrotta or Chiellini or Phillip Lahm. Even Micah Richards will do at this point. Turn him into a Sol Campbell type.

    Fabregas and Van Persie are important to Arsenal. But they need to be far more instrumental and present in the big games. Right now they are big names with no bite. They need better players around them. Arshavin will make a huge difference next season. Arsenal only had him for 6 months and he wasn’t eligible to play in the Champions League either. If they can also add someone like Xabi Alonso or Gareth Barry and David Villa or Benzema it will make the team even better.

    Arsenal have been in a rebuilding phase for around 4 years. The problem has been not balancing the team with youth and experience. If Wenger had done that a couple of years back, this team could have easily won the league or Champions League the last two seasons.

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