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Since joining Arsenal, Robin van Persie hasn’t put prolific back-to-back seasons together for the North London club. Is it fair to say he will not have the same success next season and that now is the time for Arsenal to cash in on the Dutchman? How would Arsenal shape up tactically without him? And what is the scoop with Theo Walcott and his unrest? Could Arsenal afford to lose either or both of these players? What has become of the Gunners? What is the identity of this team? Why does everyone always want to leave?

Money, money, money…

Forbes magazine announced the top 10 richest clubs on the planet yesterday and Manchester United still rule the school when it comes to money.

Biggest surprise is Barcelona dropping from 4th to 5th place, even after their treble winning season. You would expect them to be in the top 3.

1. Manchester United {$1.86 billion}   2. Real Madrid {$1.45 billion}   3. Arsenal {$1.19 billion) 4. Bayern Munich {$1.1 billion}   5. Barcelona {$975 million}   6. AC Milan {$838 million}   7. Chelsea {$658 million}   8. Juventus {$628 million}   9. Liverpool {$552 million}   10. Inter Milan {$441 million}.

Hand of God Part Deux…

01_cheat_350x475_931628aThierry Henry is one of the world’s greatest football players. He is undoubtedly one of the best to have played in the Premier League. He has dazzled us with his beautiful football for many years. He has played for some of the world’s biggest football clubs. Last night, he showed us an ugly side to his game. He did something that we are all taught not to do from a young age. He cheated. In fact, he did more than that. He ripped out the hearts of a nation and robbed Ireland of a chance to make it to the World Cup Finals.

Fabregas the fabulous…

cesc_280x390_901840aFabregas turned on the sexy football against Blackburn this weekend and watching him play was like observing an artist create the perfect painting. It was as though a masterpiece unfolded before your very eyes and witnessing the process felt like something very special. Fabregas made 4 goals, scored a peach of a volley and hit the bar as well. He was simply fabulous. No wonder Barcelona want him so badly.

Fabregas masterminded Arsenal’s performance from start to finish and on a day when Arsene Wenger was celebrating his 13th anniversary as manager, his captain and team did not let him down. Even former captain Thierry Henry was cheering from the stands and marvelling at the Gunners display of beautiful football.

Who will lift the Champions League trophy..?

champions_league_trophyThe two sexiest teams in Europe have a hot date in Rome on Wednesday. But who will come out on top? Manchester United? Barcelona? Let’s hope it’s us fans that are the happiest at the end of the game, for this really is an exciting Champions League final and we hope it lives up to every expectation.

Ba Ba Barcelona…

Spain Soccer La LigaFor Real Madrid, Saturday’s game against Barcelona was more El Miserablo than El Clasico. For a brief second, it looked like both teams could score lots of goals. But in the end, it was the Catalan Kings that had their happy fans singing well into Sunday morning.

Legend Eric Cantona…

eric_cantona_caricatureThis week’s legend is French genius Eric Cantona. Before Arsenal played beautiful football, there was King Eric spreading the ball about the pitch as smooth as nutella on a slice of toast. He mesmerized the Old Trafford faithful with his magical feet and unbelievable passion. He made goals, he scored goals, and even created a litte bother along the way.