Money, money, money…

Forbes magazine announced the top 10 richest clubs on the planet yesterday and Manchester United still rule the school when it comes to money.

Biggest surprise is Barcelona dropping from 4th to 5th place, even after their treble winning season. You would expect them to be in the top 3.

1. Manchester United {$1.86 billion}   2. Real Madrid {$1.45 billion}   3. Arsenal {$1.19 billion) 4. Bayern Munich {$1.1 billion}   5. Barcelona {$975 million}   6. AC Milan {$838 million}   7. Chelsea {$658 million}   8. Juventus {$628 million}   9. Liverpool {$552 million}   10. Inter Milan {$441 million}.

The richest players list was also revealed by Forbes yesterday. The one surprise here is that Ronaldinho is still bringing in some large coin. And John Terry must be a bit peeved that Lamps made the top 10 and he didn’t!

1. David Beckham {$40 million}   2. Cristiano Ronaldo {$38 million}   3. Lionel Messi {$32 million}   4. Ricardo Kaka {$25 million}   5. Ronaldinho {$24 million}   6. Thierry Henry {$21 million}   7. Wayne Rooney {$20 million}   8. Frank Lampard {$18 million}   8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic {$18 million}   10. Samuel Eto’o {$17 million}.

Cristiano Ronaldo once said “footballer’s are like slaves.” What do you think?

One thing is for sure, the next round is on one of these guys. And if  they were getting in the drinks, who would you like to be buying yours?

2 thoughts on “Money, money, money…”

  1. I want Lionel Messi to buy my drinks then maybe I can get him to put a ring on it

  2. It’s insane these guys are making so much. Clearly, our values as a society are a bit skewed. Of course, I’m a hypocrite because as much as I think they’re overpaid, I’m not going to stop watching. And hey, if the market allows it, why not get as much coin as you can, while you can.

    With $38 million you’d think Ronaldo would be able to afford a decent haircut. :)

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