Wayne Rooney has added to the scandalous behaviour of some of England’s finest footballers. Earlier this year Ashley Cole and John Terry made the headlines for their cheating. Cole saw his marriage crumble while Terry was able to worm his way out of trouble. Step forward Wayne Rooney.

Rooney’s name is dominating the front and back pages. It seems the Manchester United star likes prostitutes.¬†Apparently while Coleen Rooney was pregnant with their first child, her lovely husband was busy spending much of his time and money on prostitutes. And we know this isn’t the first time! We all have skeletons. Don’t we?

You don’t want to judge people as we never know what goes on behind-closed-doors. However, this kind of behaviour makes it difficult to not form some type of opinion. At the end of the day, these so-called professional footballers are role models to millions of kids whether they like it or not. So when they behave badly, it’s easy to get vexed.

Everyone is absolutely entitled to their privacy but when you are a public figure and you enjoy fame and fortune it comes with a small price. That price is privacy. I’m not saying it’s right. It’s just a fact. Another solid fact is that it’s these kids and millions of other fans that put footballers in a fortunate position. They pay lots of money to see them play. They pay lots of money to buy their shirt. These players represent more than themselves.

Sleeping with prostitutes is never a good thing, particularly if you are Wayne Rooney. Not only is he a husband and father, he is also center forward for Manchester United, one of the world’s most revered sports franchises. He is also an England international, representing his country at the world’s finest football tournaments. He earns hundreds of thousands of pounds a month from his club and his endorsement deals. It’s time to show a bit more class.

This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last we’ve heard of the scandalous soccer stars…