It’s early days but…

Did anyone think Newcastle would thrash Aston Villa 6-0? Are Chelsea going to score 6 goals week-in-week-out? Is this Theo Walcott and Arsenal’s season to shine? Are Manchester City the real deal this time around? Do Manchester United look sluggish? Will Tottenham flounder after a stellar showing last season? Is it me or do Liverpool look pizazzless?

We all know the season rarely ends the way it starts. But I feel like I can make one prediction already. West Ham look woeful and unless they strengthen their team, they are toast. Their fans can look forward to life in the Championship if their first two games are anything to go by. Time to put some superhero power in those bubbles Hammer fans!

Everyone was blown away by Blackpool’s first game and they soon bounced back to earth after being tossed like a salad by Arsenal. Theo Walcott looked explosive and he sure feels like a man with a point to prove. It’s good for Arsenal that he’s started off the season that way. Let’s hope he can stay fit .

Manchester City have spent gazillions on some foreign imports but it’s the homegrown talent that look like the sharpest tools in the shed. Adam Johnson and James Milner could be the difference in that team this season and to see young British players flourish and play with such style is refreshing. I’m not rooting for City, but I am rooting for Johnson and Milner to do well!

Newcastle stunned Villa and perhaps even themselves with an outstanding home return to the Premier League. Is Andy Carroll finally the man to fill legend Alan Shearer’s shoes? He could be a winner for the Toon and England. Will be exciting to keep watching how he progresses.

Chelsea look sharp and ready to defend their title. So what’s new?

Manchester United look non-plus at this point. But the Red Devils always get off to a slow start. Perhaps this season is the type where no team can afford a slow start?

It seems you were all chicken to cast your stones and vote who you think will finish where. It’s time to put your footballs where your mouths are fellow fans. Check out the THIS IS IT post and plaster your predictions for the football world to see.¬†What has caught your eye so far?

Thank goodness normal life has resumed once again…