Revenge is sweet…

Is it me or do Arsenal look like they have an edge to their play this season? Nasri looks on fire, Wilshere is a star in the making, Koscielny proved he can play, and so far, the Gunners are fighting back like a team when things go a bit south!

After Spurs hammered them in the Carling Cup in 2008, the red side of London was ready to turn the tables on their arch rivals. And boy did they put the boot in. Arsenal managed to empty Tottenham’s stadium before the second half of extra time had even begun. It was sweet revenge for Gooners everywhere.

Granted Tottenham didn’t field their best, but neither did Arsenal. Sure there were some familiar faces like Keane and Lennon for Spurs and Rosicky and Nasri for Arsenal, but it was the brilliance of Jack Wilshere that stole the show. He looked like Liam Brady out there and if he continues on this path and stays injury free, he could be an Arsenal legend in the making. He was precise with his passing and his speed was impressive. His technical ability is sublime and Wilshere’s overall feel for the game is instinctive. Do Arsenal have a replacement for Fabregas waiting in the wings?

The Carling Cup is not really a competition where we should be judging whether a team is good or bad, or whether a player is quality or not. What I do like about the Carling Cup though is you get to see a team’s future. You get to see budding divas in the making and it’s certainly fun to watch.

Arsenal fans shouldn’t get too carried away with this victory, but it’s always beautiful when you humiliate your rivals in their own back yard. Sweet revenge yes. But the season is oh so long…

3 thoughts on “Revenge is sweet…”

  1. Granted Arsenal deserved the win.
    However what annoys me is that I never say anything to Arsenal fans, I dont brag, didnt get in thier faces when we beat them 2-1 and actually tell Arsenal fans they are a good side because I know in this game of football something like this game might happen. NOW all the Arsenal fans are in my face telling me my team is sh*t, this and that. All of a sudden Arsenal fans are not telling me this is a Mickey Mouse Cup, all of a sudden they are not telling me ‘ooo wow u one the carling cup,’ all of a sudden there are no excuses they played thier young team, all of a sudden they want this silverware(its been long enough) blah blah blah. This is actually one of the reasons I chose to be a Spurs fan because I think we have the best fans. Granted White Hart Lane emptied pretty quick, but I still heard us singing even though we were losing contrast to Arsenal fans who were silent at the Emirates when they were winning 6-0 they started singing on 77mins. Away fans always find thier voices at the Lane because the atmosphere is always electric.

    I was not happy with ‘Arrys selection granted we have major games coming up but we should have started regulars from the start, and no matter what Arsenal fans say they did play a more experience team, nearly all of thier players have featured in thier squad our players that started had never even really had first team football in the squad.

    I will always put my hands up and say Arsenal are a good side but the fans, i will say it, MAKE ME SICK!

    okay rant over. Just needed to get that out! Ready for the Arseanl fans to have a go at me now.

  2. Great rant Lady Yid. Good to see the reigning BSD Champion has her feathers ruffled this early in the season. That’s what rivalry does to you. It eats at you and gets you so worked up.

    The Carling Cup has become a Mickey Mouse cup over the years and I believe we all agree on that. But I think the cool thing about this tournie which has given it a bit more interest lately is the youngsters the big guns field. It’s exciting to see young players coming through and ascertaining who will make it and who just hasn’t got the moxy.

    I’m sure there will come a time this season where you will enjoy teasing the Arsenal faithful. Swings and roundabouts Lady Yid…

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