Verbal Memo | Manchester City’s Gift For United…

Manchester City’s attempt at defending their title has been nothing short of pathetic.

The players have played with apathy and haven’t been consistent enough. In fact, it seems as though winning the title last season was proof enough in their eyes that they’d arrived as one of the big boys in England, and Europe! The bottom line is something just hasn’t been right this season.

From the distractions of Mario Balotelli and Roberto Mancini’s tactical tinkering early on in the season, to missing out on signing Robin van Persie and stinking up the Champions League, the blue side of Manchester has stuttered and faltered with a lack of identity and a shortage of passion.

What is Manchester City’s identity? What is their club culture? It takes more than winning the F.A.Cup and Premier League to be considered a big club. Remember Blackburn Rovers? They too won the Premier League. Have a listen and let me have it whether you agree or disagree.

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