Verbal Memo | Bale, Suarez & Rooney…

Manchester United may have an abundance of talent, but are they that good or are they being gifted the title by their rivals in the Premier League? Is this season an average season for English football?

What about Liverpool? Is Luis Suarez finally living on Planet World Class? Is Suarez the frontrunner for Player of the Year? Also, if we point the finger at Suarez for diving, shouldn’t Gareth Bale be vilified for the same? And can the scouse house challenge for a top four spot next season?

What about the lauding of Gareth Bale? Can he save Tottenham from their annual mental meltdown? Or has Andre Villas Boas added that extra edge to ensure Tottenham are playing Champions League football come next season?

He was once known as the Boy Wonder. Now we all just wonder about Wayne Rooney and what his legacy will be if his career continues to evolve as it has over the last few seasons. Rooney has been at times nothing short of sensational for Manchester United. What has lacked is consistency. Can he live in the shadow of great players like Ronaldo or Robin van Persie? Should he leave the Theater of Dreams to re-ignite his career?

This week’s Red Card goes to the Premier League. When two giants like Manchester United and Chelsea are battling it out in the people’s cup, don’t schedule a league match between exciting teams like Liverpool and Tottenham. Let the F.A.Cup have its moment in the sun. Let it have the spotlight for about half-an-hour. We know you are the beast of football, so stop flexing your schedule muscles. Rant over!

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