They think it’s all over…it is now…

Congratulations Chelsea! After a thrilling season, pants are swinging on the King’s Road again now the Blues have been crowned champions of the Premier League.

Following a crazy tabloid infused season which included naked photographs of Ashley Cole’s private parts and John Terry’s affair with a teammate’s girlfriend, Chelsea were able to grind through their scandalous mess and still win the title in the toughest league in the world. How did they do it? In a word…Ancelotti.

It’s tough to work through any problem in life. It’s especially tough when the world watches as you battle through your problems. Despite the scandals they faced, Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti kept his team together. He saved the ship when it was sinking at a rapid rate and he even steadied its course to bring it home safely. He never gave up and always believed his team could win. He made no excuses. He handled it like a world-class manager.

A world-class manager also needs world-class players to perform for him and Chelsea have them in abundance. Didier Drogba has certainly been a star again this season, but it’s the unsung hero Frank Lampard who deserves to be their player of the year. For so long his leadership qualities have walked in the shadow of John Terry. But this season, he showed what makes him such a quality world-class player. He stood behind Terry throughout his scandal and other players followed. He led on the pitch with goals galore and play making any coach would be proud of. Frank Lampard…if only they would make you captain of England!

Chelsea’s achievement this season is impressive. The media told them they were nothing but an aging team who probably didn’t have championship legs. Looks like Lampard & Co. could have run for another 90 minutes on Sunday. They were also told they had a manager who wasn’t tested in the Premier League, despite his success in Italy. Ancelotti went on to win in his first season as manager and could potentially do the double if they win the F.A. Cup.

Most importantly for Chelsea – they finally won “the big one” without “the Special One.” Is it possible they can finally lay the ghost of Mourinho to rest? It is possible when you are living under the reign of King Carlo…

4 thoughts on “They think it’s all over…it is now…”

  1. Well Chelsea finished in style..didnt they! I had many people telling me they will slip up but come on that was never going to happen. I picked Chelsea to win and they did. Towards the end of the season I think they deserved it they played some good football and unbelievable tekkers from Drogba sealed it for me. Man Utd have been, dare I say it, boring to watch this year. They lack something which is why I think they missed out on the premier league this year. Fergie time to get Rooney and class striker to play with and throw out the trash,(what a waste of money.) The experience of Scholes, Giggs and Neville couldnt see it through, guess it came down to the game they lost to Chelsea. If they won that they would be champions right now.

    King Carlo hey, he is a great manager and proved that the ghost of Mourinho wasnt haunting him, can Carlo do one better and possibly win the Champions League next season with Chelsea? I think a few new players for next season to freshen the squad and Chelsea will be a force to be scared of. I know I am and what makes it worse the players I dislike play for Chelsea i.e Terry and Cole(cheap shot to Arsenal fans in his interview ‘why he came here and hope people get off his back’) Well if that comment isnt enough to get the Arsenal fans back on your back I dont know what is. Watching him win a medal must be a kick in the teeth, Come on Wenger splash out this summer and make Cole eat his words.

    Well I have enjoyed this season even if Chelsea did win it, abit of a change from Utd. Spurs set out to finish 4th and did, so I am Happy! With 2 new players in the squad next year? I think Spurs can take it all the way. NOW we are the TOP FOUR! Let prove we are one of the big boys. C.O.Y.S!

  2. I believe your top 4 and your bottom 3 were exact Lady Yid. The mark of a true BSD Champion. Congratulations on capturing the title yourself. Now you and Chelsea are in good company. We’ll be in touch to get dates from you for the Year in Review show!

    I think Wenger knows he has to splash the cash otherwise Arsenal will truly be left behind in 5th next season behind Spurs and Manchester City. I don’t know why but I have this notion in my gut and I just can’t get rid of it. Gerrard to Arsenal…would it even happen? He’d never go to United, he’d never go to City without Champions League football, he won’t go to Chelsea now, so that leaves only one club right? Maybe it’s me dreaming but I can see him playing for the Gunners. He shouldn’t go to Madrid. Honestly, if he goes to Spain his career will just go the same way as Michael Owen’s. Not Steve McManaman’s!

    We agree about United. Their only spark was Rooney and he couldn’t do it on his own. The loss of Ronaldo was bigger than they could have imagined. They need fresh legs and some quality names to add to their squad. And yes, I found United boring to watch this season…

    I love this time of year. Who is staying? Who is going?
    Steve McClaren got the Wolfsburg job after winning the League in Holland with FC Twente. Could Macca be bouncing back to England in a couple of years with a big club if he does well in Germany?

    Stay tuned for the BSD Awards. Player of the Year, Manager of the Year, Goal of the Season, Best Buy, Worst Buy, Most Underrated…it’s all coming this way…

  3. Thanks can not believe I won the league feels great!

    Gerrad to arsenal I know I’m scared. Heard about Macca and poor Zola got sacked who will be manager of the hammers? Martin Jol name was mentioned. I think he would be a great choice for the hammers.

    and what about the England squad.heskey and charrager? really capello? what are u thinking they better be in the 7 that get dissmissed. weldone to king and Dawson for getting in the squad finally.

    wow alot happened today. can’t wait for the transfer window. Already Chelsea and city are fighting over torres.

  4. Congrats to Lady Yid on the BSD Title.

    Chelsea did finish in style, and Wigan got thrashed again. Out of the top 3 chasing the title overall I think Chelsea deserved it. I think Roman’s war chest will be open to Carlo this summer. Rumour has it that Carlo was asked to use the squad he had this year and then next year he will have the funds. They need a couple younger players to go with their experience and they will be a powerhouse. Torres? Aguero? Villa?

    United missed creativity, Ronaldo.
    United missed rawness, Tevez.
    Fergie will spend and get a couple new faces to replace some dead wood in the club. if they won the title this year, it would have been the worst United team to win it.

    Gerrard to Arsenal? I would be afraid. Gerrard and Fabregas would destroy opponents and feed the strikers. This would be awesome for the Gunners. But I still have the feeling he will go abroad. If Mourinho is still Inter manager, which I very much doubt, would he finally team up with him? Real Madrid he could go and re-team with Alonso, they had a good partnership.

    For Spurs we need a couple big names and if we stay consistent then i dont see why we couldnt compete with the top and stay in the top four.

    McLaren did an awesome job at FC Twente and beat the big boys in Eredivise, lets see if he can do it at Wolfsburg, im sure he can.

    As for the Hammers Avram Grant is tipped as next Manager. I would be gutted if they get Martin Jol because he would do a great job there. I love Martin Jol, i think he is a very good coach.

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