Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur…

After years of paddling around in the kids pool, Tottenham finally get their chance to dip their large man toes in the big boy pool. Champions League football beckons at the Lane next season. Question is, will they sink or swim? For now, Tottenham fans are not worried about the two-legged play-off in August. For now, they are just happy to have been invited.

Regardless of how they do in their first Champions League tournament, for Spurs fans, this is a monumental time. Not only have they achieved their main objective of the season by qualifying for Europe’s most prestigious footballing competition, they have also surpassed expectations by beating London rivals Arsenal and Chelsea. In seasons past, they always failed against the big boys. Not anymore. This is a new Tottenham.

‘Arry Redknapp has done a phenomenal job guiding Spurs into the Champions League in his second season as boss. He has built a team that play for each other. He has developed Michael Dawson into a potential England international. He has made Gareth Bale a positive attacking force and his displays have made him a target for Manchester United. He has given Huddlestone so much confidence that you can now see his “Hoddle” like abilities. He even made Bentley step-up to the plate following Aaron Lennon’s injury. And his boy Peter Crouch came up trumps netting the winner against City. You could go on and on about what a great job ‘Arry and his staff have done. It’s good to see an English manager getting the opportunity to manage an English club in the Champions League.

Spurs are now breathing down Arsenal’s neck in more ways than one. They have certainly caught up to their North London rivals with regards to talent on the pitch and they are certainly miles ahead in the spending ranks. Plus they have done much better in domestic competitions over the last few years. They’ve actually won something! Credit to Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy for making some bold decisions and for being willing to make mistakes in order to achieve success. With Tottenham having gained on Arsenal so fiercely, is the power shifting to the blue side of North London?

There’s lots to dissect after this game, but the other obvious winner last night was British football. Manchester City made some bold statements at the beginning of the season. They spent huge amounts of money which left them so assured about qualifying for the Champions League. Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure and Wayne Bridge were already guaranteed Champions League football with Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. So if it was really about playing Champions League football, then surely Adebayor, Toure, Bridge and Tevez would have have stayed at their previous clubs no?¬†Gareth Barry wanted to play Champions League football but snubbed Liverpool for Manchester City, who were not even in the competition. All of these moves were motivated by the big bucks City were willing to pay. And it didn’t work. Does this mean you can’t buy success?

For British football, Tottenham and Manchester United, the fact City didn’t qualify is great news! But despite their failures, City have much to be excited about next season. They will no doubt have a new manager and they will certainly bring in some new faces. Of the faces they currently have, it’s questionable who will stay. One thing is for sure, Adam Johnson looks like a future star and was the best buy of the bunch that rolled into City over the last few months. If I were running the blue side of Manchester, I’d build my team around Johnson.

For now, the day belongs to Tottenham. It’s been such a long journey for their fans. They are ready to cheer their team on in Europe. Could they be singing “Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur” all the way to Wembley in 2011 or will it all end in tears before the party has even begun..?

17 thoughts on “Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur…”

  1. How super excited was Lady Yid today? On a scale of 1 to 10 er….like 100! Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur indeed. The heartbreak of so many years not being consistent but finally…..we did it! Arsenal fans have been very cocky to me all day saying things like “well done for qualifying for a qualifying position” u no what i bit my tongue. In the game of football who knows what will happen. Fulham win? Spurs 3rd? I did post it previously?! But I dont care we made 4TH. YES! Words can not explain it finally my team has broken in the top four! Already talks about transfers to the club between ‘Arry and Levy. I will not jinx and say we will get to the group stage. Who cares? What matters is that I was there! I finally witnessed my team in the top four! Now to win the premier league. I long for the days to go down White Hart Lane and celebrate a triumphant win! Now theres a story to tell the grand kids.

    So glad City didnt make it. They would have bought any player they wanted if they qualified. But now its only Europa for them. How sweet for Utd if Chelsea fall and Utd take the title…City fans will feel like they have just been relegated. More money the more problems City see. lol.

    Arsenal fans dont worry I think you will finish 3rd but was the season successful for you? I think Wenger may have realised this year its time to spend the cash alittle and build a team and not waste time on the young ones. Come on Wenger Spurs needs competition!

    As for the favourite man in my life ‘Arry, I have always loved him how he put belief in the ‘forgetten’ players (Bale, Bentley, Pav) look at all three now. Bale has come from not winning a league game to winning nearly every game. What a squad ‘Arry has put together.
    King truely is the greatest centre half in the country even with his dodgy knee (I hear world cup calling) and who might he be playing along side him in the England squad? Well only the 2nd greatest centre half in the counrty…Dawson. I actually could go on and on to say that I love my team at the moment and if ‘Arry should ever ask the answer is yes you can lick my boobs. I !@#$%^ LOVE U SPURS!




    (p.s Soccerdiva I missed the game where Spurs beat Utd?)

  2. I had to edit you a little Lady Yid!!!

    By the way…I’m giving you way more credit than you deserve. Beating Manchester United…what was I thinking! The first and only correction of the season!!!

    So would you marry ‘Arry?

  3. yes I would and then would start an affair with his son.
    edit all u like I got carried away.sorry.


  4. What about his nephew?

    By the way, as the leading contenders, I would like to invite you and Jonesy for a Year in Review show. It only makes sense that we wrap things up with BSD’s finest bloggers!

    The BSD team will be in touch.

    If you actually finish 3rd, what will you do?

  5. Nice article.

    We had a target this season, and it was to break the top four, and we have achieved that. Reality check we won’t finish third due to many factors, Fulham have injuries to Duff and Zamora, a weakened side will surely be put out as they have their sights on the Europa Cup, Arsenal can’t go another game without a win, won’t lose the last game of the season at home, especially if it means us pipping them to fourth, Wenger will do whatever he can to win that game. but starnger things have happened!

    Arsenal fans will always look to dampen other teams success to make themselves look better. The rivalry between Spurs and the Arse will only become better in footballing terms as the teams will be closer and have a better battle in the game and league position.

    As for the battle of fourth place on Wednesday night. I think we were the better team on the night, had better chances and were much better defensively. Gomes had a another quality game, with some great saves, i love that guy. Capello nust surely be thinking of taking both King and Dawson, as they have been immense as a pair, and Dawson has had a great season. Capello is taking Ferdinand and King has played more games than him this season, so the injury shouldn’t be an issue as the games are 6 days apart, enough time for recovery and rotation.
    Kaboul has had a nice run in the team and i think has got better with every game. Huddlestone and Modric have such a good understanding and been on good form that they keep Palacios out the team. Awesome night.

    Yes we are in the qualifying round, i look at the teams in 4th around europe we could get, Sampdoria, i think we can beat, Sevilla and Lyon will be tough, Leverkusen or Dortmund (they have a 4th v 5th playoff) i think are beatable. We would be unlucky to draw a tough game, but i think our squad is capable and with a few additions which i think there will be, we should only get stronger.

    Now, to some juicy gossip. I heard from a source, i cannot give names, that players would have left if we didnt qualify for the Champions League. Modric, Lennon and Bale, all monitored by Man United, as they all want Champions League football, but now we have secured 4th they will stay and challenge with Spurs. Rumour has it that Bentley and Pavlyuchenko were out the door at the end of the season as Redknapp doesnt get on with both, but now we have qualified will they stay? we need the squad. Robbie Keane will be out the door 100%. This isn’t out my mouth, this was shocking to me when i heard about Modric, Lennon and Bale as they all want to play in the top competition.

    I think it’s safe to say Spurs had a big hand in saving the Premier League for one more season, from the clutches of Manchester “I have so much money, I dont know what to do with it” City. Could you imagine the players they could have brought in if they got 4th place? Gerrard? Torres? Villa? Pato? Ribery? Robben? but without Champions League they can only sign players who lack ambition and love a payday.

    All in all we have deserved 4th spot, we have been consistent, with great performances, we called upon our squad resources in time of injury, we had “bouncebackability” after some bad results, and came through the fixtures in April, after everyone wrote us off. With a lot of hard work, from the players and coaches, i think Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand need a shout out too, a tremendous job. ‘Arry Redknapp has done a great job, as he loves to always say it, “we had 2pts when I came here”.


  6. Lovely feedback Jonesy.

    Question…with Champions League football not really 100% guaranteed as it’s a qualifying round and you don’t know who your opponent will be, do you think some of the players you mentioned will still stay? It’s a risk as nothing is guaranteed.

    If Fabio Capello is true to his word, then King and Dawson would both make the squad, with King as a starter. Ferdinand has had probably his worse season in 5 years. He can’t play let alone be captain. Should Gerrard be captain? He too has had a poor season by his standards. Terry has had an average season. Lots of errors. I do think Dawson deserves the nod ahead of Terry.
    Will Lennon make the squad?
    I would make Rooney captain!

  7. I think Modric, Lennon and Bale will stay two reasons, Redknapp will not sell them as they are all still on long term contracts and they worked really hard to get 4th i think they will want to try do it with Spurs, I really think the team we have, a fully fit eleven we can make it to group stages and I think there is a belief around the camp and that they know that too.

    Gerrard has been below standards this season, I’m not sure if you have heard the rumours about Gerrard, but it has been said that Gerrard’s wife was having an affair with a Derby county player and Stevie G slept with a 16yr old and she is pregnant and wants to keep the child, Stevie G will be plying his trade abroad next season due to this. This might be one of the reasons his performances have dipped, and the fact that he has been playing with a pile of s**t for a team and can’t carry them any more.

    I think King should go and Dawson. There is talk of other defenders who might go ahead of them, Shawcross? Cahill? Come on are you serious Fabio? what more does Dawson have to do for you to consider him, stop Drogba? did that, stop Tevez? did that, put his body on the line? every week Fab, every week! Ledley played two games in four days, im sure he can play two or three games every 6 days.

    I think Lennon will go, he has played in the last three games, done 70 mins Wednesday night, he just needs some match fitness and he will get that. He gives England the ability to terrorise fullbacks with his pace and his delivery this year has been better than ever.

    I think he should also consider Huddlestone as a squad player, im not saying it because im a Spurs fan, but he has played in every game for us, if fit, scored crackers, his passing ability without a doubt is up their with the best. He has performed better than Carrick, Gerrard, Cole, and if Fabio takes Hargreaves because he has been on United’s bench? then someone is blowing someone!

  8. I did hear the rumours about Gerrard and the media have been teasing everyone about their marriage woes that you can feel they know the story and something huge is going to break really soon. If it’s true, it’s really quite tragic. And another disappointment from an athlete in terms of behaviour. I was hoping he’d think London was far enough to escape his woes, but you might be right about him going abroad completely!

    I’m waiting to see what Fabio does. I hope he keeps to his word about picking in form, consistent match-fit players. If he doesn’t then it’s just another Sven/McClaren situation. Honestly, for me Ledley King has always been a world-class defender. Why would so many managers hold on to this guy if he wasn’t quality? When someone is as good as him, you accept they can’t play every game. And you are right about the World Cup, there’s enough time in between for him to rest. I’m actually working on an article titled “Without Injuries, Would Ledley be King?” I think he would have been. And he could yet star for England this summer. Dawson has been very impressive and for me Spurs got better when he was made captain and Keane left. He’s a leader. And his form has been superb. I’d put him on the plane. Fabio, do the right thing!

    For me, of the so-called “untouchable” players, Lampard and Rooney are truly deserving of their place in the squad. And their behaviour off the pitch has been good too. I would make one of them captain of England for the World Cup. They would do their country proud and would relish the responsibility. I think Rooney is ready. Lampard has fast become one of my favourite players in the league. His goal ratio from midfield is insane. He should always be in the discussion as one of the best midfielders in the world.

    We’ll all be picking our England XI next week at BSD so it will be interesting to see what we all do. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s choice.

  9. By the way Jonesy, regarding Gerrard, it could be a case of Manchester United and Everton fans starting vicious rumours. We will have to see as the truth will come out eventually. I’d hate to see another world class player leave the Premier League. Ronaldo’s loss was felt this season. We don’t want Gerrard leaving too.

    I know there is massive pressure on these lads playing top level football, but being an athlete and playing in the Premier League is a privilege not a right. I hope for Gerrard this rumour is unfounded.

  10. The Gerrard story was from a source who had the John Terry Wayne Bridge story a few days before it was out. If it is true then it is a shame another footballer who can’t keep it in his pants. You have a hot wife, beautiful house, cars, captain for one of the biggest teams in Europe, represent your country and then this happens, its stupid.

    Ledley King. Best defender in the league, in my opinion and if he didn’t have this injury would be certainly one of the best in the world. I remember reading article a few years back where Thierry Henry, still at Arsenal and in his prime, said he was the best defender he ever played against and he went on to say he defends fair, no dirty tricks. Coming out of Henry’s mouth then you know that means something. Looking forward to the article.

    As for Fabio there isn’t more i can express, but the players like Terry and Ferdinand who have under performed or missed a lot of the season must start to be looked at again, Gerrard under performed, will all this affect the national team’s performance in the biggest competition in the world? wouldn’t it be better to play in form players high on confidence? there has to be a gamble on a couple players at some point.

  11. Thanks for the invite for the review show. Will be great! Can not wait.

    As for the England….could it be the starting 8 players could be spurs players? Will be like Tottenham winning the world cup wouldn’t you say?

    As for Gerrard I see a move to the emirates, will be a great opportunity. Imagine Gerrard and Cesc playing together. O lord! I dread to think. (first I’ve heard of this rumour another footballer playing about…tut tut! too much time of thier hands.)

    Why Fabio chose Rio for captain I’ll never know. Rooney or Lamps? Maybe Lamps he never gets any credit maybe this will be it. Come on England! or should I say Come on COYS!

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