Spring is here…

It’s that time of year where the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer and everyone’s mood is filled with optimism. It’s also that time of year where the men are separated from the boys on planet football. That’s right folks. Spring is here. Do you know what else that means? It’s time for Arsenal to fall apart.

Over the last few years, spring has become more predictable than an episode of a daytime soap opera. Either Chelsea or Manchester United are leading at the top of the Premier League and winning the F.A. Cup, and Barcelona are dominating in Europe, destroying anything within 10 yards. It’s also the time of year where Arsenal dissolve as quickly and as easily as an Alka Seltzer.

At bloom’s first sight, the Gunners usually get knocked out of every trophy they are contending for. There’s talk of a quadruple from Christmas to about mid-March and then bam. Spring hits and it’s like Arsenal develop allergies against winning. Could this be the year where the script is written differently?

If Arsenal don’t win a trophy again this season, it’s almost a certainty Fabregas will leave. And after seeing Jack Wilshere play and bloom beautifully himself this season, the Gunners should finally cut the Fabregas umbilical chord. Time to let the Spaniard go. Let’s face it. During Arsenal’s Champions League battle with Barcelona, Fabregas looked like he was already gagging to play for the Catalan giants. In such a big game for the Gunners, Fabregas was doing too much hugging and kissing of the opponent if you ask me. It’s good to be friendly, but not that friendly before kick-off.

Can any Arsenal fan endure another spring full of tears? Or will this finally be the season of change. Hope springs eternal for many Gooners around the globe…

3 thoughts on “Spring is here…”

  1. It seems Arsenal gets alittle Hayfever this time of year. Every year I hear the same old story from Arsenal fans… “we will win it all” I always reply and say “wait till February, then we will talk” What actually does happen to Arsenal at the end of the season? Fabregas is not happy, he wants to go play with his friends in Barcelona (or watch them play as he will be warming up the bench.) I think Wenger is out the door too. Could the American shareholder splash out and get Mourinho? I know I will be scared if Arsenal get the ‘special one’
    It could have been Arsenal’s year but I think Man U are too experienced in these situations, its thier title now.

    Dont get me wrong as a Spurs fan its nice to watch Arsenal always crumble but its not just Arsenal its Spurs too. We started off so well dreaming the impossible because we were so good then the new year comes and nothing. I ponder on points lost against the small teams and wonder.. what if… we didnt draw againt West Ham…what if…we didnt lose to Blackpool…what if…we didnt draw to Wolves. The way the league was shaping up this year it could have been anyones title but again Man U seem the only team to bang out results even if it is not that attractive. At the end of the day its the result that counts.

    …what if… Arsenal finished the Necastle game 4-0 and not 4-4

    what if…

  2. Sounds like we’re all on the same page here. As a fan, we get sucked into believing our team can win every single season. It’s almost like being back in school when you always believed you could beat everyone in a test or skin anyone in a foot race. But then every single time that annoying “star” pupil comes along who is great at maths, science and sports and kicks every other student’s arse…AGAIN!
    Man Utd do that to every team year-in-year-out.

    And you are so right. This was the year where any of 6 teams could have won it. Man Utd were not their usual spectacular selves. Chelsea’s aging team just didn’t have it. Arsenal could have had it all. They lost some terrible games. Terrible. Arsenal blew it. Simply, they blew it.

    If Spurs can hang on to their best players and acquire a couple more, they can be a team to truly content next season. The experience that team has gained in all competitions this year is going to help them next. That will have Arsenal fans crying in their beer.

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