Hull-v-Arsenal-FA-Cup-Final Put your dartboards down. Let the ridicule end. Arsenal have won a trophy. I repeat…Arsenal have won a trophy!

It’s been a rough road for everyone involved with the club. However, for Arsenal fans it has been an even rougher road. They are not shielded like the players. They have to face the world and opposing fans every single day. They have long suffered. As much as I’m happy for the Arsenal staff and players, I’m even happier for my fellow Arsenal fans. Especially those who have travelled with the team even during their darkest hours. The fans who chant and sing, home and away, in the snow and the sun, for these fans I’m the happiest. Let them sing. Let them celebrate this time.


For the players, I hope this feeling makes them want it more. I hope that touching a trophy like the F.A. Cup makes them feel like it’s just the beginning. I hope they imagine themselves lifting the Premier League above their heads next season. I hope this victory makes them believe they can inspire a new chapter at the club and drive each other to win, win, win! That desire is depicted beautifully in this photo of Aaron Ramsey and Kieran Gibbs. Arsenal need new leaders. Arsenal need characters. Arsenal need to build on this…otherwise, the ridicule will begin all over again. Lead the way Gibbo and Rambo!


Admittedly, I had called for Arsene Wenger’s head earlier in the season. I ranted and imploded after Aston Villa beat us in the opening match of the season. I wanted him out as all I could see ahead was another season of emptiness and underachievement. Was I wrong? Somewhat. And after seeing the regression of Manchester United this season post Sir Alex Ferguson era, you wonder if Arsenal are better off with Wenger navigating the ship. I applaud him for finding his own confidence to win again. He appears to be reborn. Is Wenger about to re-write his legacy at Arsenal?


Thank you Arsenal. Thank you for finally delivering. It wasn’t easy. In fact, after just a few minutes, it looked like the upset was on. 2-0 down and the team dug deep and found an answer. They finally overcame the hump. They finally found the mental strength to match the physical and football strength. They won. They did it. It was beautifully ugly. #wewilltakeit

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