The weekend that was…

08_Ashley_Cole_cele_892833aChelsea look sublime. Can anyone catch them? Ancelotti is doing a fantastic job at the Bridge so far this season. He has the team swinging their pants down the King’s Road again. Ashley Cole is scoring goals now!! The Blues are looking good. They’re looking real good. Can anyone beat them? Do you think Chelsea are they putting all their efforts into this season as they won’t be able to transfer players and make a real run for the league next season?

Arsenal looked good against Wigan. But let’s face it, they should be beating teams like Wigan by 3 or 4 goals. Vermaelen is really proving to be a solid signing by Wenger. It’s still early in the season to make judgements about him, but he certainly is looking good. He gets forward and puts himself into scoring positions. Arsenal fans should like that. He reminds me of Vidic a little. Fabregas was wonderful against Wigan and I would like to see him shine more in the big games. I agree with the commentator though…the atmosphere at the Emirates was like a testimonial game. Where’s the chanting and the excitement? And what about the players. Who cares if it’s the 4th goal…you just scored for Arsenal so show some passion please!

Tottenham have hit the skids. They need to stop the bleeding right now before their sensational start to the season requires a blood transfusion. Surely losing Modric cannot be the reason they’ve lost 2 games can it? Has Modric become that influential down at the Lane? Who is going to step up and fill that role? Do you think ‘Arry should start Jenas? They looked weaker to me with him starting. And I think Lennon needs to stay consistent if he wants to be the starter on that right side for England. That means good performances every single week.

Liverpool seem to be getting back on track. Torres looked superb at West Ham. His first goal was finished with pure strength and determination. And the winner he netted was again proof that Torres can score any goal, anywhere, anytime. The power behind his header to make it 3-2 was fierce. I for one am excited to see him almost back to his best. Let’s see how the next few games go. For me, Gerrard is really slow out of the blocks for the scouse house this season. Benayoun and Kuyt are playing really well together. And as for Carra, I still believe he’s a liability and could cost Liverpool games this season. As I’ve said in previous posts, leave him on the bench. You need someone with more pace back there. Carlton Cole embarrassed him.

Burnley pulled off a huge win at home against Sunderland. Great performance, good win and another 3 points to help them in their efforts to stay in the Premier League. It’s amazing how moving to a new club transforms players who are lacking in confidence. Nugent was amazing. His first goal was one of the best goals scored this weekend. I bet Paul Hart is wondering how Owen Coyle got him to play like that! It’s a long hard season so securing these points early is a good thing for Burnley. Let’s hope they don’t suffer the same fate as Hull City. They are far more exciting to watch than Hull were last season! Seeing such an old club like Burnley do well right now is a great football story. Sunderland on the other hand need to get their act together. Bruce has a good set of players, but they don’t seem to have an identity yet. Perhaps that will evolve over the season.

It’s great to see Everton winning big again. They dominated Blackburn Rovers and hopefully this win will give them every confidence to start climbing that Premier League table. They have been rocked by so many injuries again this season, but you never hear David Moyes complain about much. He just puts his head down and gets on with it, which is why so many people respect him. I for one would like to see him do well.

Aston Villa are also playing much better right now. Good results in the last couple of weeks should give them a boost. Let’s see if they can hang in there.

Here are my nominations for Goal of the Week. What do you guys think?

1. David Nugent against Sunderland (1st goal)

2. Michael Owen against Manchester City

3. Vermaelen against Wigan (2nd goal)

4. Bellamy against Manchester United (1st goal)

5. Torres against West Ham United (1st goal)

What caught your eye this weekend?