Two old geezers made the difference…

Britain Soccer Premier LeagueOn Sunday, we witnessed why the Premier League is the best and most exciting league in the world. The Manchester derby had everything. Passion, goals, panic, flare, heartache and pure elation. In the end it finished Manchester United 4 Manchester City 3. And it was two old geezers who stole the headlines and made the difference in the game of the week. Take a bow Ryan Giggs and Michael Owen.

United and City evolved their rivalry into war on the Old Trafford pitch. And if the players were Russell Crowe, the Theater of Dreams was the Coliseum. The atmosphere was undeniable. The fans were ready for their own battle and their singing could be heard around the world. When Manchester City fans were chanting their hearts out, the Manchester United fans would sing louder as if to say “how dare you raise your voices in our house.” Even when Bellamy shoved goals down their throats, the United fans refused to give up. And when United would score again, City fans would crank it up another notch. It was a superb display of fan support.

Manchester United bossed this game from start to finish. They didn’t give their old team mate Tevez a sniff of much. Bellamy was really the star of City’s show and Giggs was at the heart of everything good for United. In the 1st half Manchester City played really well and they stood tall against their fiercest rivals. The “wannabe top four boys” of the Premier League had a point to prove and they certainly had a fighting spirit about them in the early stages of the game. But a tactical move by their manager Mark Hughes to put Steven Ireland out on the left allowed the Manchester United midfield more space and the Red Devils took complete control in the 2nd half.

Ryan Giggs made it all happen for United. Together with Fletcher and Anderson in midfield, they totally dominated possession and created lots of chances to finish off the game. And it took several attempts to finish off the game. Just when City thought they had stolen a point after Ferdinand’s giveaway to Bellamy, Giggs and Owen combined for the winning goal. It was a delicious ball from Giggs and a sublime finish from the never say die Owen. How fitting for two old heroes. Giggs proves once again his legendary status in football and Michael Owen sends a clear message to Capello. Can he build on this? Can he really mount a case to get to South Africa?

And what about Sir Alex Ferguson. He bought on Valencia and he too helped change the game. Then he subbed Berbatov for Owen and he netted the winner. His plan worked to perfection throughout. He wanted this one badly and his team delivered. He wanted to prove that United are still the best team in Manchester. Oh and by the way…they are! With over 400 million pounds of talent on display in this game, it was the pure beauty of football that won in the end. It was the fans that reaped the rewards and the game of football was victorious.

Who was your man of the match? Did you think Tevez was a factor at all? Was the referee fair with the injury time played? Is Fletcher the answer in midfield for United? Would City have won with Adebayor? Is Shay Given one of the most underrated goalkeepers in the world? Do you think the result was fair?

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  1. By the way I said it at the time that Jonesy made the point of the week….”it could be the game where Owen gets the United fans right behind him.” And boy did he do that…nice..very nice…

  2. What a game. I was at the edge of my seat throughout this game. WOW! Pains me to say but I was rooting for Utd. Everytime City went and scored I got very scared. For me City just had to lose that game. For once I am not upset the ref had extra injury time. I mean he probably didnt want the game to end. He even wanted more.
    Fletcher was amazing in midfiled. He showed how good he is at this game. 2 goals aswell…not bad fletcher.
    If Adebayor played they would have won?….I think not. I think Tevez is a much better player then Adebayor and he hardly got a touch so how would Adebayor have got a touch with his goal hanging antics?
    Shay Given is a great goalkeeper and why Man City are not losing games. This game could have finished 6-3 if those Berbatov headers would have gone in.
    I think it was a fair result. City are a very unlikeable club. Hope they keep losing.
    and how shakey was the city defence… ?seriously I cant actually wait for Spurs to face City I hope we go to town on them.

    Bad result for my team this weekend. Again Howard Webb denying us a penalty at a crucial moment in the game.

    This weekend the boys who want to challenge the big top 4 came… played…thier answer from the top clubs….you need to work much harder then this if you want to match us.
    ‘Arry and Mark……guess its back to the drawing board.

  3. I think the referee got the injury time right. When Bellamy scored his goal celebration took 55 seconds, so the ref added that. And then when United bought Carrick on, that took another 30 odd seconds. Add that to the initial 4 minutes of injury time and you’ll find that Michael Owen scored well within the overall time added by the referee. When Hughes started complaining, you almost felt that United would score and break City’s hearts!

    If Adebayor was playing I do think he would have caused more problems for the United defense because of his aerial threat. Plus he’s been in the form of his life so far this season and losing a player with all that energy is a loss for City. He could have scored the way the United defense were playing. In fact, the defending was shocking by both teams on Sunday. As I mentioned in a previous post, not sure if Lescott is worth the money they spent. And what is up with Ferdinand? Giving away the ball and Bellamy embarrassed him for pace when he made it 3-3. I think Bellamy’s finishing was quality for both his goals.

    Do you guys think Ben Foster is the reason the United defense have been shakey? He doesn’t instill much confidence does he?

    Fletcher is really rising to the challenge. I’m a huge Michael Carrick fan so I’d like to see these two play together more. I’m still not sold on Anderson, even though he had a terrific game at the weekend.

    Chelsea dominated Spurs throughout. And remember what I said about Cole on the podcast Lady Yid…Player of the Year type season…it’s painful to say it out loud, but he’s been sensational so far this year.

  4. An amazing derby match! We had a nice chat about Owen becoming an instant hero. I love this game. Defenses do look suspect. City’s because has been bought and no time to gel, United’s will be affected by the injury of Van Der Sar, that is a lot of experience and talking gone. Ben Foster isn’t there yet and he don’t instill confidence to the back four, I think he should have done a lot better fir Bellamy’s second goal.

    Giggs had a fantastic game and has looked really good this season, I can’t believe how he keeps it consistent after all these years, quality player.

    Fletcher had another good performance.

    Adebayor would have given the centrebacks a run for their money. Top form and scoring. He would have caused many problems, in the air and on the ground, powerful and strong. It would have been a totally different game.

    Lady Yid I know you dislike City and so do I. It just shows money don’t win games. But you say you can’t wait to play them, I think it will be a tough game us, (Spurs).

    Chelsea pounded us and could have been worse, Ashley Cole is in amazing form, he has played so well this season for club and country.

    The ref done us over again, yes, but why are we always relying on these decisions? Same old Spurs, we had good chances with Defoe and Jenas and don’t take them, you knew what was going to happen.

    It didn’t help when our only centre backs got injured, four quality defenders all injured. Just our luck.

    I have to say, we need to give Pavlyuchenko a go, I’d rather see him than Keane at the moment. Also I’m really disliking Hutton, everytime he comes on I know we are conceding and I have no confidencein him, give Naughton a run.

  5. Completly agree with your comments Jonesy. I understand we shouldnt rely on these decisions…But these are decisions that can change the whole game. (Man Utd would have got that penalty) Who knows.. we could have got the penalty and then went and scored another 4 goals. You never know.
    Heard Dawson might be fit to play, least thats one defender. Could these injuries bring back the losing tottenham? I certainly hope not. Totally agree with give pav a go. Keane is not looking great and why not even start Crouch with Defoe up front?

    p.s Can we not talk about Ashley Cole. He makes my skin crawl.

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