The world awaits its fate…

Charlize_Theron_280_940205a32 countries. 1 dream. 1 goal. To win the World Cup.

Buckle-up football fans. The greatest show on earth is upon us and the journey evolves this Friday as the World Cup draw takes place in South Africa. Two years of playing, watching, battling, scoring, missing, hoping, kicking and even a little cheating has come to its end. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re out, you’re out. There are no more chances. There are no more dress rehearsals. This time, it’s show time.¬†And who better to lead the celebrations at Friday’s event than Academy Award¬†winner and South African native Charlize Theron. Finally we have an excuse to post a picture of one of the world’s most beautiful women…even if she is holding a Chelsea shirt for the cameras! We’ll forgive you this once Charlize, but don’t let us catch you a second time.

The World Cup draw is always full of pleasant surprises and it’s especially tasty when old foes are drawn against each other and when David vs Goliath type games shock the world and take our collective breaths away.

Are you excited for Friday’s draw? Who is your dark horse for the tournament? Which country do you want your country to avoid? Which player will shine as the world’s best? Can you believe the World Cup is almost here again?

2 thoughts on “The world awaits its fate…”

  1. My Sky+ is on set to record this. Can not wait to see the groups.
    Very scared for England hope we avoid all the big countries. Kinda have a feeling I want England to avoid Drogba’s Ivory Coast.

    I am set to get annual leave from work for the whole time the world cup is on can not physically wait. COME ON ENGLAND. Many years of hurt. They got to do it this year. Rooney and Defoe up front….Golden boot.Done.
    I love Messi so I think he will shine even though Argentina look poor and there will always be a villian possibly Ronaldo? another wink to Rooney? or Henry another hand ball?

    Greece and USA to be my dark horses in the tournament. Also cant wait what England song will be released.

    one thing is sure for me…. I WILL BE WEARING THE THREE LIONS ON MY HEART. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!

    p.s how dare Charlize Theron hold that piece of trash

  2. I think England did good in the draw! Portugal Brazil in the same group…very interesting…and France got a little lucky although Mexico are always tough and have a good side and you can never rule out the spirit of a host nation!!!

    Let’s hope it’s a great tournie and the best players set the world on fire and some new faces dazzle.

    World Cup is on…

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