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DEFOE_280x390_934278aJermain Defoe scored a record 5 goals in one half of football to help Tottenham secure one of the biggest wins in Premier League history. The blue side of North London battered Wigan 9-1 and reminded everyone they do have what it takes to hang around the top 4 with all the other big boy wannabes. Only Manchester United have scored 9 goals in the Premier League and that was against Ipswich many moons ago. And yes, once upon a time, Ipswich were in the top flight!

Not even ‘Arry Redknapp could believe how his team trounced Wigan. Wigan have been doing some solid business under new manager Roberto Martinez. They have fought well thus far in the Premier League this season and have secured a couple of surprise results including a 3-1 victory over Chelsea. Does this mean Tottenham are better than Chelsea? Of course it doesn’t, but it’s an interesting fact don’t you think? What does it mean when Manchester United lose to Burnely, but Tottenham beat them too? We looked at this trend in the Topsy Turvy post a few weeks ago. We will only know if it means anything at the end of the season and what Spurs really need to do is beat the likes of United, Chelsea and Arsenal to up their game to the next level.

One thing is sure from this result. If injuries are not a factor and form is not an issue, Jermain Defoe will be going to the World Cup with England next summer. And if Aaron Lennon can keep up his current play, he will be on that same flight to South Africa with his Spurs pal. These two players wreaked havoc on Wigan this weekend. They were devastatingly good and there was no stopping them. If they can produce this type of football every week, Tottenham are absolutely a team to be reckoned with and England might benefit from their chemistry at the World Cup.

We have to give credit where credit is due fellow football fans. It’s not easy to score goals in the Premier League. Spurs scored 9. Defoe alone scored 5. Only 3 other players have scored that many in a Premier League game. Spurs were playing against a decent side. The question about Spurs is consistency. Can they bring their “A” game to every game? History has shown us this is not usually the case. But history is there to be altered. Can Tottenham continue the good fight and prove they can hang with the best of them?

Other notes from the weekend…we footie fans needed Manchester United to win so they can keep close to Chelsea. Arsenal blew it against Sunderland. They need to win that game in hand more than ever now. Liverpool look like they are out of the race after a draw with Manchester City. They just don’t look good enough and they don’t have that Liverpool spirit about them. How long will Rafa hang on? Even with Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Tottenham all still sniffing around, everyone is starting to talk about the Premier League being a two horse race? I’d hate to think so when there is still so much football to be played. What do you think? I believe anything is possible as long as it’s still this side of Christmas!

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  1. What an amazing result, i was lucky to be there in attendance to witness history in the making. It could have been worse for Wigan if it weren’t for Kirkland. You gave a lot of credit to Defoe and Lennon, they deserve every bit of it they were outstanding, but there is another player who was awesome throughout the 90 mins and that is Niko Kranjcar. I was very happy for him to get on the score sheet at the end.

    I think we will stay in and around the top four, we are beating the smaller teams (Stoke minor slip up) but are not competing with the top three, we got outplayed and outmuscled and got what we deserved. We must be a stiffer challenge to compete.

    We are playing Villa away next weekend and that is a test for both teams to see if we are good enough to stay up there no matter who is thrown at us.

    Man City draw again. Liverpool don’t win again. I can’t see the managers holding onto their jobs much longer, City can turn that around they will be another 6 forwards in January. Liverpool will have to sell to bring in but they cant afford to sell anyone, their squad is not good enough as it is.

    I think the title is a 3 horse race, there is a very long way to go, too early to call. Man U have the experience to stick around even if they have lost some of their threat in Ronaldo. Arsenal are no way out of this just because of the loss, they can turn it around against Chelsea on Sunday, win their game in hand and bam 2 points behind.

    Just to throw it out there, i know you already have this pencilled in your diary, two words EL CLASSICO!

    Real Madrid v Barcelona on Sunday following Arsenal v Chelsea it really is a Super Sunday.

    Barca finally knocked off the top, 1 point behind, and haven’t lost in the league yet. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m rooting for Barcelona, who do you fancy?

  2. Some very valid points you made Jonesy. However, I got to disagree with the point you made about it being a 3 horse race I actually think that its Chelsea’s to lose. Which will make things very boring at the top.
    Arsenal are playing great but I think they are not consistant enough to go all the way. They might do well in Champions League I feel. Hopefully beat Chelsea…
    Man Utd dont look that great…for me anyways.
    As for Liverpool…SACK RAFA..HIRE MORINIHO.
    I know its early still but I did predict Man City will not be that great…Too much hype not enough action.

    As for Tottenham finishing 4th will be a great season for us some of the yid supporters might get very excited and feel like we won the league(you know some of the yid supporters getting ahead of themselves.) Tottenham V Wigan. WOW. 9-1. WOW. Defoe. WOW. Lennon. WOW. Kranjcar. WOW. Modric. WHO? lol
    I am actually in love with Arry Redknapp. His son is abit of alright too…

    I love Barca, Can’t wait for Sunday..knickers, port, duvet and the Footie! I LOVE IT xoxo

  3. This year’s El Classico could be one of the best we have ever seen. Just the team sheets alone should get people’s knickers in a twist. I too will be watching and I’m hoping that Real Madrid can win. I think it would be great for Spanish football if Real really start scaring the beJesus out of Barcelona. In fact, I think they already have. We haven’t seen the best of the Catalans so far this season and they’ve been hit with injuries and the Swine Flu this last week. Let’s hope the best players are on display this weekend as it would be a shame if Messi and Ibrahimovic couldn’t play, and that goes for Ronaldo too. Barcelona could run riot in the second half of the season, after the winter break in Spain. Real need to keep their foot on the gas now and get that win!

    I would rather Spurs finish in the top 4 than Manchester City. You know…with the players Mark Hughes has, he really should be doing better. Not sure how long he will keep his job if City don’t keep up with the top 4 or at least have a good Cup run. They want to qualify for the Champions League. They are desperate to do so. I’ve also come to the conclusion, that my conclusion about a certain world-class player is true. I’ve just never rated Tevez. Other than the wonder goal that saved West Ham that from relegation that season and a couple of other wondrous performances for Manchester United, I’ve just never seen him do anything to warrant the money people pay to have him play for them. I would start Adebayor every time over Tevez and when Robinho is fit, he might have a bigger problem getting into the side. Even Bellamy has played better than him! Hughes for me has mistreated Stephen Ireland this season also. He’s such a great player but I think he’s knocked his confidence a little. I think Hughes can be a great manager, but I just don’t see him at City long-term.

    Who doesn’t love Arry? Even some Arsenal fans love Arry. I would love to see an English manager do well in the Premier League. I think if Arry can keep this team together and bring in additional players, his squad could really challenge in the next couple of season. If Spurs beat Villa this weekend, game on people!! Glad you got to see the game Jonesy. Great day for Spurs fans…even if you a wowing more than you should!!!!!!!

  4. WOW!

    I guess El Classico this sunday puts us on opposite sides. either way it should be very entertaining.

    It’s not Chelsea’s to lose, not yet anyway. The teams chasing are still close, one loss and the teams are back in.

    It’s a great weekend for football, i am ready to put my feet up and enjoy the action.

  5. Enjoy the action fellow footie fans.

    If Liverpool lose this weekend, does Rafa lose his job? He’s been given the dreaded vote of confidence…that’s never a good sign in English football. After they crashed out of the Champions League, I couldn’t even write about it. Having talked about Liverpool’s bad form for the last month or so, it just seemed inevitable that this would be their fate in the Champions League. What was left to say? I realized I had become apathetic towards a team I had enjoyed watching so much.

    The digression of Liverpool requires some thought. After a euphoric season last year, they are a shadow of the team that almost stole the title from United. Surely the loss of one player (Alonso) is not the cause of this downward spiral is it??

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds this weekend…

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