The magicians of Merseyside strike…

218830-FBLiverpool beat their arch enemy Manchester United 2-0 at the weekend and this result is without doubt one of the sweetest for the scouse house in years. Nobody gave them a chance. The media ripped them to pieces. Benitez was ready for the chop. And even John Terry labeled them a two-man team. My how things can change so quickly in football. The magicians of Merseyside pulled the rabbit out of the hat big time with this victory and I believe they surprised us all!

With four losses in a row resulting in one of the worst runs of form in the club’s history, Liverpool appeared as though they were heading into some serious turmoil. As the owners continue to be at each others throats and key players suffer from injuries, the hopes of bringing the title home after so many years was slowly fading fast once again. The walls at Anfield were caving in and the claws were coming out thick and fast from all angles.

Even the Liverpool fans turned on manager Rafa Benitez. The fans have always been Rafa’s security blanket. They feel a sense of loyalty for the Champions League success he has brought to the club. The fans fell in love with Rafa when he secured the Champions League trophy. And then when he took them to another Champions League final, they fell in love with him all over again. And last year when Rafa couldn’t quite finish off United in the title race, the fans showed their support once again. But finally that loyalty was tested after a recent run of bad results, including a dismal loss to Sunderland last week.

Going into the United game, Liverpool football club was under an intense amount of pressure. Rafa Benitez was probably under the microscope more than ever before. Some say that a loss to United could have cost him his job, despite the recent vote of confidence from the board. The entire city needed to get behind the team. The manager needed to pull it together. And the players had to go out, perform heroics and get a result that nobody believed they could. Well somehow it all came together and Liverpool won one of the most important games in their recent history. A loss would have meant their Premier League hopes were all but over. And it could have spelled the end for Rafa. Instead he and his red army get to live and fight another day.

This is what makes the Premier League so exciting. Just when you think a team is down and out, they fight back and show their will to win the biggest prize in domestic football. Credit to Rafa and his team for the togetherness they showed and the team spirit they displayed to win the game over their most hated of rivals. Let’s not sugar coat this in any way. These two teams despise each other and Liverpool’s victory will leave a bitter taste in Manchester United’s mouth. The reigning champions were beaten fair and square. There is no referee to blame it on this time. Perhaps it’s Fergie and his Red Devils that face the pressure now.

How do you think Liverpool will do from here? Can they still win the title? How do you think United will bounce back from this loss? Do United have enough quality in their team to crowned champions again? Does anyone else agree it’s time for John Terry to shut-up?

6 thoughts on “The magicians of Merseyside strike…”

  1. From the start of the game Liverpool wanted this game more, and the players stepped up in a big way. After the run of losses this could have been really bad for the club if they were defeated by their arch nemesis. But it wasn’t to be, a performance to be proud of, they didn’t let United play and Torres made Ferdinand look average.
    A little luck on their side too, Carragher could have got a red when Owen broke through, Lucas made countless fouls and nothing from the Ref, but they deserved the win. A great team effort.

    As for the Title i think its between Chelsea and United, with the Darkhorse that is Arsenal creeping up, i think this year Liverpool will have to settle for fourth. We have seen stranger things in football and this win could spur on a ten game win streak putting them back in the race.

    I guess we have to keep our eyes peeled and butts glued to the seat!!!

  2. What is up with Ferdinand? How is it he’s lost so much pace over the last season? What’s happened to the Ferdinand/Vidic partnership? I don’t think either player will be at the club next season. I have a gut feeling Ferdinand might join Spurs and his old boss Harry Redknapp. And Vidic is craving a move to Barcelona.

    Lucas for Liverpool is just not good enough. I’ve never rated him and he just doesn’t seem like a Liverpool player.

    Chelsea look the strongest in the league but it is one of those years where anything can happen. You might be able to win the league with 4 losses this year…

  3. Vidic seems to struggle against Liverpool and especially Torres, and looks like Ferdinand too. There was rumours last season Vidic was linked with a move away, and Ferguson does love to hold onto them one more season and then sell. he has done it before. If i was Fergie i would drop Ferdinand and play Evans, Rio is making errors you would make as a youngster.

    As for winning the league with 4 losses, i agree, the top three have all lost 2 games already.

  4. i dont know about that. He is still a very high profile player, yeah he has had a couple bad games, but who doesn’t. He will come back from this break, refreshed and ready. He will help United push for the title again. He will come good.

  5. I like your quote about him being a very high profile player. Does that mean you think he’s too good to play for Spurs? There’s no doubt he’ll come good, he has to. It’s a World Cup year!

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