What’s up with Europe’s big boys..?

Rafa_Benitez_280x39_921611aThe Champions League is proving to be really weird this year people. Barcelona struggled to beat a team that sounds like a really delicious sandwich. Liverpool need to get their prayer mats out and hope for a miracle. Bayern Munich do not look like German giants. Inter Milan are not so special. Real Madrid really need Ronaldo back. And Manchester United should look into cloning Rooney 10 times, despite moving closer to the knockout stages.

Did one of you rival fans put something in their nutritional beverages? Or could it be the clocks going back? That always messes with one’s alignment. Whatever the problem is, these teams need to snap out of it and fast.

Beer or wine on Champions League nights…?

ab10828vintage-wine-i-postersWhen it comes to those fancy European nights filled with sexy Champions League football, do you guys stick with the ice cold brew or do you shift to wine? Is it even possible to make football and wine work together? Do wine and football only speak to chicks and metrosexuals? Wine wouldn’t really go with a dirty burger right? Absolutely wrong. If we’re able to drink wine with a rancid plane meal, then surely a glass or two of red or white could wash down a dirty burger or meat pie?