Sleeping with the enemy…not…

What can I say? I’ve been missing in action. I’ve been bad. I’ve had no desire. Just like my beloved team. It’s their fault. They did this to me. This season, they’ve already had me floating towards heaven and then they abruptly drag me into the depth’s of hell. It’s senseless. It’s hurtful. And shameful.

I haven’t even been able to face the blog. I mean it’s not like I write ground-breaking articles. They are merely my football thoughts that hopefully turn into conversations between fellow football fans. It’s just like being down the pub with your mates. But let’s face it. There are times when you don’t fancy going down the pub. Especially when your team recently lost its balls to the enemy.

So what do you do? When your team is painful to watch, you often look elsewhere for some football inspiration and pleasure. You are not deserting or cheating on your team, you are just choosing to watch more games that don’t exactly involve them. And I knew that if I could just get out of my bubble-of-hell, I would see that I’m missing one of the most exciting Premier League season’s ever.

Chelsea are not running away with it. Manchester United are undefeated but yet look beatable. Manchester City could really make a run for it. Bolton are shockingly only 6 points back. Liverpool are hanging on by a thread. Arsenal are being traditionally Arsenal and Tottenham…well as painful as it might be Arsenal fans, Tottenham are the most exciting team to watch this season. They play beautiful football and they score lots of goals. Am I losing my mind? I don’t think so…

Whether they are playing in the Premier or Champions League, Tottenham are capturing the imagination of the football world. Van der Vaart is the buy of the season so far. He looks like he belongs at White Hart Lane. He already carries himself like a Spurs legend. He performs for the fans. They love him. And he loves them. And ‘Arry loves him a little bit too. I don’t love them. But can I compliment the enemy?

Welsh sensation Gareth Bale is setting the pitch on fire wherever he plays. @ Inter Milan, no problem! @ Arsenal, no problem! As posted in a previous article, Bale reminds me of Ryan Giggs. He flies down the wing in a fearless fashion that is truly inspiring to watch. He overcame adversity at Spurs and has solidified his reputation as one of Britain’s best. He is the most thrilling player to watch in the world right now. If he were Portuguese or Argentine, we’d be talking about him in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo. Yes. I said it out loud. And that’s what I truly believe. If Tottenham can go on and win a major trophy and Bale can stay injury free, he will be in the running for World Player of the Year! I need a bath.

Even though the last two paragraphs felt like I cheated on the Gunners, I’m not sleeping with the enemy and I believe the truth will eventually set me free. I’ve had these thoughts about Tottenham bottled-up for weeks. I was down and out. I was washed-up for the season. But I got my head out of my own arse and started smelling the football roses again. And I usually can’t help think that Tottenham always stink. But for the first time in many many years, the enemy is a real threat. And I have raised my hat to their recent victory. But the war continues and we will rise again for another day of brutal battle. And sometimes, just sometimes, the enemy wakes the sleeping giant. Could it be Arsenal? Could it really be?

3 thoughts on “Sleeping with the enemy…not…”

  1. well well well…. for once arsenal fans had nothing to say last weekend, why? cause they know they messed up… BIG TIME! How sweet it felt for me as a spurs fan that keeps it all bottled up I unleashed my happiness to every Arsenal fan that has ever had something to say about my team. Was not long ago when Arsenal fans were celebrating their 4-1 win over us but in this game of football they shouldn’t toot their horns yet because karma is a BITCH and it was certainly was to every Arsenal fan last weekend. What made it more sweet was that Arsenal just went and through away 2-0 lead. One things for sure Arsenal learnt a lesson 2-0 at half time means nothing. The lesson I learnt is scream less cause ur voice will go the next day.

    Bale and VDV are just amazing, finally all the promises that Tottenham are a force to be reckoned with are coming true. Was it just me or qualifying from our Champions League group was very easy…who says we can’t go far, yes we are 6 points behind the top spot of the league…but who says we actually couldn’t win it! One thing is for sure the God that is Arry has made the spurs players think big and why not Spurs are looking so good! Is it a yid year? I don’t want to get too carried away because spurs have a way of letting me down but for once I don’t have that feeling I have the feeling of when your sitting by yourself and u fist pump slowly in mid air knowing your team could be so great this year!

    p.s BSD it’s time to keep ur enemies close!

  2. BSD i hear where you are coming from. When your team loses, it’s hard to talk football. I must confess whenever my beloved Spurs would lose i could never watch Match of the Day, and a few years ago, ok maybe a bit longer, it was a regular occurrence, it got to a point where i didn’t know what Match of the Day looked like. Things are better now.

    It is a very open league, the smaller teams have got tougher. The top three haven’t improved that much, the chasers are really chasing, and has made the league really exciting.

    One thing I agree with is, watching Spurs is very entertaining. We go out to win games, we go out to score, we go out to entertain. Van Der Vaart and Bale have really turned it on this year. There’s one other player too, I kept telling you he was a very good player, from the day we signed him, and you wouldn’t agree, you weren’t convinced, do you know who i’m talking about?


    The croatian has been quality since moving into his favoured role in Centre Mid, and his link up play with VDV has been a joy to watch. He has been one of our most influential players.

    Lady Yid i totally agree with your comment about the fans, they really kept quiet after they let their lead slip. As I always say records are there to be broken and eventually it was going to happen. Now we must find a way to win at Old Trafford, even if they have their own rules and officials.

  3. Totally agree with Jonesy on Modric, he is my favourite player from the start as I recall me telling BSD on the radio show.

    I think its time we do beat man U but I think we will need to get in there before Alex Ferguson bribs the Officials.

    This season…..GAME ON!

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