Legend Mervin Jessie Gardner…

merv2Mervin Jessie Gardner was a wonderful human being. To his family and friends he was simply Merv. And Merv was my friend. He never judged me, he never expected anything from anyone, he would never let you down in your time of need and he wanted nothing more than to help those he loved and cared for. To say he was exceptionally supportive is a grand understatement. Whether you searched for spiritual, emotional or financial guidance, Merv had the uncanny ability to help find solutions and put things in perspective.┬áIf you shared good news with him his genuine happiness would be evident. And if things weren’t so good and you felt like you were about to fall, his undeniable strength would catch you. And oh how we will miss his comfort. He had a knack for making you feel safe and when he spoke his words would embrace you like a gigantic warm hug. Merv would always try to be a friend with a smile on his face and love in his heart. Even in times where he may have been misunderstood, his actions were pure.

From painting and decorating, to making fudge, designing greeting cards, photography and more, Merv’s ability to excel in so many different areas was nothing short of impressive. His knowledge and wisdom was boundless. I was always so impressed how this 82 year-old man was so hip when it came to technology. From computers to high-tech gadgets, Merv could do it all. And it didn’t stop there. If you had an ailment, Merv had the perfect solution to help your pain. From headaches to sports injuries and accidents, he would always have a recommendation for a remedy. I learned so much from him as a friend and I know for some it will be a difficult void to fill, as Merv was the perfect go-to guy. In his presence, I would always try to soak-up as much information as possible. I believe we all did. I hope we all did.

Merv’s adventurous side was infectious and he loved to have fun, which is one of the things, his family and friends adored most about him. He had one of the most generous hearts I’ve known and in the last hours of his life, his heart beat so strong it came as no surprise to his family and friends. We will cherish his friendship forever and his heart will now live on in ours.