Legend Gianfranco Zola

zolaSize really doesn’t matter in football and Gianfranco Zola is proof of that. The pint-sized Italian superstar set the Premier League on fire when he arrived at Chelsea. Even non-Chelsea fans were excited to watch him dazzle on the pitch. He was just that type of player.

From 1996 to 2003, Zola entertained the fans at Stamford Bridge scoring 59 goals in 229 appearances. He helped the Blues win the F.A. Cup twice, the League Cup, the UEFA Cup and the Super Cup. In 1997 he was voted Player of the Year and he was also voted as Chelsea’s greatest ever player. His #25 shirt has not been worn by any other Chelsea player since he retired. 

Zola was Chelsea’s inspiration and guiding light for many years. You could even say he was the nucleus that inspired the revival of Chelsea. He was like the wizard of Stamford Bridge. He always played with a smile on his face and was a true gentlemen of the game. As a player, he filled the flare void left by Eric Cantona when he retired from his Godly playing days at Manchester United. Zola picked up where King Eric left off , terrorizing defenders on many Saturday afternoons and oftentimes making even the best in the world look like they played for a pub team. 

It’s only fitting that one day he return to Chelsea as their coach. It could happen in the near future. If Ancelotti doesn’t do well, Chelsea could swoop in for their hero sooner than people think. Could you see Zola coaching Chelsea one day? And is he the best player to have ever played for the Blues? One thing is for sure, Zola is truly a Premier League legend. Respect…