Keane to leave the Lane again..?

robbie_280x390_901244aAs we move swiftly into October, the rumour mill is bubbling once again as the next transfer window looms. We’re sure to hear of Barcelona chasing Cesc Fabregas and there’s no doubt Manchester City will be linked with every single player in the universe. What I wasn’t expecting to hear was a move for Robbie Keane to Celtic. Really?

Having fought for a transfer back to his beloved Tottenham, it surprises me to hear that someone somewhere is trying to shift Mr.Keane away from the Lane. The purported move is splashed across the back pages today and you have to wonder, who is responsible for this? Is it Tottenham? Could it be Keane’s agent? Or is Rafa up to no good again?!

Even though Keane bagged 4 goals against Burnley, he has failed to score in 14 of the 21 league games since his return from Liverpool. I thought he made quite the statement with his performance against the Clarets, but it appears even that hasn’t squashed the question marks surrounding Keane’s current form. Something isn’t quite right with the Irishman and most would have thought he’d be happy with life and football once he returned to Tottenham.

According to most media outlets, Keane’s dream is to play for Celtic one day. Celtic is a fantastic club with great tradition and pedigree, but if you’re a hungry player wanting to win things, surely your best best for serious glory is to stick with Spurs? And being the captain, you’d think lifting trophies for the club he fought so hard to return to would be the priority. But it goes back to where did this story originate from and who is angling for Keane to move?

Do you think Keane will leave Spurs? Is ‘Arry looking to shift the Irishman out so he can start Defoe and Crouch up front? Is this the work of an agent? Does Keane really want to go? If you are a Spurs fan, would you like to see him stay or go? One thing is for sure, it would be a superb deal for Celtic…