2001147_FULL-LND There are some moments in life when you feel exceptionally lucky. You want to freeze time in a bottle. You never want the moment to end. Talking to Brazil, Santos and New York Cosmos legend Carlos Alberto Torres was exactly that moment for me.

The 1970 World Cup Final goal he scored versus Italy is undoubtedly the greatest we’ve ever seen. It was a stunning team effort that showcased why we’ve all loved watching Brazil in the World Cup. The goal also solidified Carlos Alberto’s name in football’s history books and is a moment he admits changed his life forever.

Thank you to Soteris Charalambous of the Cyprus Weekly for writing a lovely article about my life and career. You can read the article at the bottom of this post. It’s always a treat when someone takes interest in your story, especially at a time when the beautiful island of Cyprus is under financial siege.

One of the most exciting football tournaments in the world is upon us and we’ve only had to wait four years.

Euro 2012 is about to kick-off and co-hosts Poland and Ukraine, together with the rest of Europe, carry the dreams of millions of fans in their kit bag!

Who will be victorious? Is there a team primed for a Denmark or Greece type Cinderella story? Can one of the host nations win? Can Spain create European history and win another title? Who will shine the brightest on the biggest stage?

Sepp Blatter mostly puts his foot in his mouth when he speaks. There is no doubt the FIFA President has been highly controversial on many matters concerning the beautiful game. From racism to female footballers and bribes, the figurehead of the world’s most popular sport has been nothing short of a huge embarrassment.

However, despite his very impressive resume of controversy, there is one positive thing Blatter has referred to often and we saw it in abundance this week. The “Football Family.” And my how the “Football Family” has come together following the shocking collapse of Bolton Wanderers star Fabrice Muamba at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

John Hughes provided many happy memories for angst ridden teenagers everywhere.

He was the man who gave birth to the more than cool 80’s Brat Pack. He was the man who let Ferris Bueller run riot on his day off. He was the man who dared to give Saturday detention to a bunch of troubled students in the Breakfast Club. And he was the man who made us believe we could create the perfect woman on a homemade computer in the completely outrageous Weird Science.

And that’s the John Hughes flick that got my football brain thinking…

Unlike the Queen of England, we are going to keep our Christmas message short and sweet. Whatever part of the world you are from, Happy Holidays to you, your family and your football team.

This is the time of year to reflect and travel down memory lane. But it’s also the time of year where we wish and want.

Whether it’s Santa Claus or Father Christmas, you don’t have to be a child to write to the most famous bearded man ever with a wish list as long as a football pitch.

I watched The Damned United again last night and couldn’t get something out of my head.

Footballers, managers and celebrities in general are always so afraid to speak their mind to the media. And why would they when it could cost them a major dip in popularity or affect their bulging brand. Cash is king these days and image is everything, but that doesn’t make it right. Or does it?

Even with the power of social media, the moment a person in the public eye Tweets something that is deemed uncouth, the apologists appear in abundance. It was a little different back in the day.

When the season goes pear-shaped, you need to be prepared with some sound advice to help you plough through the pain barrier. We fans experience the highs and lows of the beautiful game. Here are some survival tips for when it all goes pete tong…

#10 If you feel like you are about to implode, call the World Football Daily rant line for immediate help.

#9 If the rant line doesn’t work, Tweet like Joey Barton.

#8 Buy a voodoo doll of he entire Manchester City team and stick needles in their eyes instead of your own.

This is a short post. This is a very sincere and quick fire thank you to the beautiful game from Fans United.

Even after we’ve been shined on ticket prices, even after we’ve overpaid for booze and food all season, even after we’ve bought another home kit jersey, and even after we’ve been robbed by the referee (again), we heart you football. And we will always heart you.

Fans United accept the game for all that it is. We do so because we love everything about it. The victory. The defeat. The passion. The banter. The despair. The euphoria. The silky smooth skills. We eat it. We live for it. We heart you. Thank you football for another great season. We’ll be back for more of the same again…

Forbes magazine announced the top 10 richest clubs on the planet yesterday and Manchester United still rule the school when it comes to money.

Biggest surprise is Barcelona dropping from 4th to 5th place, even after their treble winning season. You would expect them to be in the top 3.

1. Manchester United {$1.86 billion}   2. Real Madrid {$1.45 billion}   3. Arsenal {$1.19 billion) 4. Bayern Munich {$1.1 billion}   5. Barcelona {$975 million}   6. AC Milan {$838 million}   7. Chelsea {$658 million}   8. Juventus {$628 million}   9. Liverpool {$552 million}   10. Inter Milan {$441 million}.

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    The summer transfer window is like waiting for Christmas. You have an entire list of things you want, you hope you get them all and in the end, even if just a few things on your list make it under the tree, you're fine with that!

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