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After losing their title on goal difference to their fiercest rivals, Manchester United are looking to bounce back this coming season. Desperate to regain what they believe to be their rightful place at the mountain top of English football, United fans are hoping for more success after having nothing new and shiny to place in the already abundant trophy cabinet.

Stretty News is one of the fastest growing Manchester United blogs anywhere in the world. In a Conversation With Dale O’ Donnell we dissect all things Red Devils. From the Glazers to Sir Alex Ferguson, the rivalry with Manchester City, Wayne Rooney, Kagawa and beyond, we cover the latest news that is happening at Old Trafford.

Dale is a leading voice for a new generation of Manchester United fans and he holds no punches when giving his opinion. Check out Dale’s work at www.strettynews.com and follow him on Twitter @StrettyNews.

Football, soccer, call it what you want. It’s just like being down the pub with your mates.

One thought on “A Conversation With…Stretty News”

  1. Refreshing voice on Manchester United. Don’t like Man Utd but enjoyed listening. Although I completely disagree with his take on Evans. That guy cannot defend and has a lot to prove. Strange how Sir Alex Ferguson keeps faith with him.

    Boy I’ve almost caught up on your Conversations going back-to-back but have enjoyed the intimacy and the fact you get to talk about something for more than the usual 10 minute fluff piece!

    What can I say I’m a fan.

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