Whoops…they did it again…

The life of an England fan is tough. Prior to every major football competition, we always believe our team can win it all. And going into this World Cup, the confidence of every England fan was exceptionally high. Fabio Capello has everything to do with that confidence. But did the Xen Master make mistakes with his team selection against the United States?

Sure Robert Green screwed up beyond belief. Sure he made one of the biggest mistakes by a goalkeeper in World Cup history. It was embarrassing and it shouldn’t happen at this level of football. But despite Green’s calamity, Capello should have been more assertive about his choice for England goalkeeper. He hesitated in making a decision and this didn’t instill any confidence in Green or the rest of the team.

It wasn’t just the goalkeeping position that posed problems for England. They looked unsure in various areas of the pitch. And Capello is lucky in some regards because Green’s awful error took the spotlight off some of his first-team choices. Ledley King shouldn’t have started in defense with John Terry. He should have played Jamie Carragher or Matthew Upson from the start. James Milner had no place in the team after being sick all week. This was Capello’s biggest mistake. If Gareth Barry was fit then Milner wouldn’t have started at all. But with that in mind, surely Joe Cole or Shaun Wright Phillips would have been a better choice? Emile Heskey did well, but we didn’t look dangerous or threatening up front at all. I still believe Peter Crouch is more dangerous and can give more if he starts the game.

The other major question is can Aaron Lennon actually cross the ball and get it past the first defender? I’ve been critical of Lennon’s quality in terms of what he does after the run even in his role for Tottenham. He can pass players and scare the living daylights out of them but his final ball is so poor. I couldn’t help but think of Theo Walcott during the game last night. In hindsight, should he have been in the squad, especially as he has proved he can perform at that level for England?

I know it’s only the first game. But this isn’t the Premier League people. There are not 30 odd games ahead of us here. There are only two games left and I think Capello has some big decisions to make that will shape England’s success or failure in this tournament.

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  1. Tim Howard was a soccer rock star yesterday in the much awaited game against England. The three lions have an intimidating roster and the USA did well against the star studed England team. In fact, I thought the goal allowed by the USA in the first few game minutes was a sloppy result of world cup nerves. We gathered ourselves and played well on many levels. So sorry the English goalie screwed up but even without that blunder, England should be asking themselves how they allowed the USA to play so well against them.

  2. I was so lost in my England misery that I did not give credit to the U.S. Team. I agree with everything you said. I’ve wished for some time that Wenger would buy Howard! Fergie and United were mad to let him go.

    He was immense in goal. Had a great game. But the England forwards also shot right at him at times! Hopefully he’ll be fit to play the next game. The American team can qualify from this group but they need Howard. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds with Slovenia winning today.

    Regarding your comment about our star-studded team…sometimes the best players don’t make the best team…kind of like the Olympic U.S. Basketball team in 2004

  3. I actually think England did alright. Not great but good. It is only the first game I aint worried. This is what England does, takes us on a rollercoaster otherwise it wouldnt be so fun.

    However Green….what on earth! I was cringing when I watched that, I do not feel sorry for him at all. We are at the world cup mistakes like that should not be made. I think drop him and give us some Hart. Who cares he doesnt have the experience just give him a chance. Poor Ledley probably out of the world cup, another injury, kinda saw that coming but for Carragher to fill in? erm no. He struggled with pace. Time for the best defender in the country to step up…..Dawson. As for the Rooney? please can you show us your class. Time to drop Heskey play Gerrad behind Rooney and Barry back in the side. Please Fabio can you play J.Cole this time. Alot of bad decisions by Fabio. Let’s not forget people of England we did not lose and I have every faith England will still finish top of the table.

    P.S Tiger…Soccerdiva was right not to mention USA. I mean do Americans even know the world cup is going on?

  4. The US played well and probably could have gone on to win if they were a little more adventurous.

    England are awful, when your forward line is led by Heskey then you know there is problems. He cant get in the Villa team but he can get ahead of Crouch, Defoe, and Bent gets sent home.

    Milner went off, surely you put Joe Cole on, what has SWP done to get ahead of him. I feel the England team are going backwards, their football wasn’t convincing either.

    I could see them finishing second in the group and getting a difficult tie in the next round if they don’t fix up.

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