Who said they couldn’t play together…?

39_Frank_Lampard_ce_885472aEngland have qualified for the World Cup. That’s right people. After the nation wallowed in misery following Steve McClaren’s inability to get the team to Euro 2008, the Italian maestro that is Fabio Capello has whipped the opposition in group play and is ready to march the Queen’s men to South Africa with a potential perfect winning record!

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, the World Cup’s coming home! Or is it?

It’s quite incredible to think how Capello has instilled confidence and belief in an England team that was in tatters when he took over. And who said Lampard and Gerrard couldn’t play together? Capello has them firing on all cylinders as they both scored a brace to help England thump Croatia 5-1. Lampard in particular was exceptionally impressive in this game. Under Capello’s guidance, Lampard is even winning over the England fans again with his passionate play and willingness to step up and take penalties for the team. These two players could be a major key to England’s success next summer.

Whenever England qualify for the World Cup, the nation’s expectations raise to all kinds of ridiculous levels. However, as an England fan myself, this time it feels different. This time there is a genuine believable air about the team. This time you can actually feel real confidence. This time you know the team is in good hands with Capello. This time, it really appears as though England have a superb chance at winning the World Cup. This time, even if it comes down to penalties, the England team we’ve been watching over the last year might just do a little better than what we have experienced in the past. Is this England’s time?

England have the players that can cause problems. Aaron Lennon is having his best season yet and he definitely has the ability to wreak some serious havoc with his pace. As long as he keeps his crosses in check, he’ll be okay! I would play him miles before Shaun Wright Phillips in that role. Gareth Barry has fast become Mr.Reliable in midfield and England won’t want to be without him when they catch the plane to South Africa. Together with players like Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney and Cole, they have the potential to heap some serious damage and chaos on opposing teams. These players that under achieved with McClaren are now playing their hearts out for England as they do for their clubs. Capello always believed that if you are in form for your club team, that can transcend just as easily to the national team. The Italian has found a way to do that.

If you were manager, who would be in your starting XI for England? What do you think of England’s chances? Do they have what it takes to win the big one?

7 thoughts on “Who said they couldn’t play together…?”

  1. Respect to Fabio Capello, I have been following him since he was at AC Milan. This is a guy that knows how to win. Every club he has been to he wins silverware, they might be big clubs he has managed but they weren’t always the top team in their league when he took over, but he made sure they were when he was there, AC Milan, Roma, Juventus, Real Madrid and he has a real chance with England. We all knew england has some serious talented players, and he seems to be making them gel, and there is a real team spirit, and he has Lampard and Gerrard playing and when you do that you guarantee goals.

    The test is still to come when they meet the teams in the World Cup, but England have a realistic chance of winning the trophy.

  2. I agree Jonesy. Fabio Capello is an incredible manager. The measure of the man for me is how he has taken the same players and evolved them into a confident group when playing for England.

    What teams do you think pose the most threat for England in South Africa? And what would happen if Italy met England in the final? That would be a terrific story…

  3. The usual teams, Brazil has been a stumbling block for them in the major tournaments, the Dutch will be a tough one, Germany would be a good test, the old rival.

    If they met Italy at any stage I think capello will get one over his countrymen, I think England will be too much for them to handle, Lennon’s pace, Rooney’s determination, Gerrard and Lampard’s runs in the box, goals and threats everywhere you look. England also possess a strong back four which many teams cannot compare with.

    It’s looking great now, but come the World Cup it’s a different ball game to qualifiers.

  4. I honestly think if he keeps this form throughout the season then yes, I think he is ready to nail that position down for the World Cup, he is a real threat when on form and I have seen world class left backs, evra, cole, clichy struggle to deal with him. But from now till
    the world cup anything can happen, Walcott could come back and be on fire, swp may really put the pressure on Lennon if he continues his form too. But it’s a good problem for capello.

  5. That position is a great battle. Do you think Becks will be left on the tarmac if SWP, Walcott and Lennon are fighting it out? Surely after all the hooplah and jumping through hoops with his loan deals he’ll make it to South Africa won’t he? More importantly, is he worthy of a spot on the team? There’s a long season ahead and anything can happen. The chips could fall anywhere!

  6. I think he will go, capello knows him from Madrid, and knows he has a good player. He has a lot of experience to help other players, I don’t think he will start ahead of the three previously mentioned. But a good player to bring on to
    change the game or to just slow it down if they are in the lead. I think he has a good chance of going.

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