Verbal Memo | Frank Lampard & more…

In this week’s memo to fellow football fans, we talk Frank Lampard and Chelsea. Does Frank Lampard deserve more respect? It’s rare for me to praise Chelsea Football Club. It’s almost as rare as one of those space comet things.

We do have to recognize Chelsea’s battering of Aston Villa this weekend. Eight nil is an impressive score regardless of the opponent. And the young players emerging in the Chelsea team are exceptionally exciting. Eden Hazard can dazzle, Juan Mata is a total magician and David Luiz has found himself in the midfield position. Rafa Benitez is making progress and Fernando Torres might be finding his confidence again.

We also chat Jose Mourinho, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Is Jose Mourinho the right man to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson? Things are very wobbly at Real Madrid right now. Sixteen points behind rivals Barcelona and a manager at odds with the President, the fans and the media. Should Manchester United replace a long-term great like Sir Alex Ferguson with someone like Jose Mourinho who only stays at clubs he manages short-term?

Join in the banter and make your football voice heard. If you agree or disagree with any of the football dialogue, socialize with us on Twitter @soccerdiva. Football, soccer, call it what you want. It’s just like being down the pub with your mates.

Weekly Verbal Memo

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