The One Where Ronaldo is Sad…

La Liga Lounge is an exciting new project I’m working on with Ben Hayward from We take a laid-back look at the game in Spain. Join us in the La Liga Lounge for happy hour each week! Drinks are on us.

In this episode, we tackle Ronaldo and his sadness. What could possibly be bringing one of the world’s best footballers down? He has a hot job, a hot car, a hot girlfriend! What is there to be sad about CR7?

It doesn’t seem Ronaldo is alone in the sad department either. Cesc Fabregas is having a rough ole’ ride at Barcelona and the La Liga Lounge bar staff delve into why! There’s even a little room to talk Falcao, Javi Martinez, Pep Guardiola and Catalan independence.

Don’t miss Ben and Sophie’s predictions for some of the top fixtures in La Liga this weekend. Join in the banter and fun. Follow us on Twitter @LaLigaLounge and you can also join our Facebook community too.

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