rooney_ad_41517-708572In sublime form for Manchester United and scoring goals again for England, the boy wonder is back. Who should we credit for this? Well Rooney himself of course. The kid works hard after all. But let’s also save some praise for the master chef of football managers, Sir Alex Ferguson. He benched Rooney and the United striker didn’t take kindly to it. Since then, he’s been sensational.

Could it also be that Rooney is finally ready to step out of Ronaldo’s shadow? He has had to play second fiddle to the Portuguese superstar over the last couple of seasons. Not anymore. It’s Rooney’s shout to have a breakout superstar season and finally conquer the world. He has the talent. He has the physical attributes. The question is, does he have the mental strength to sustain his form over a long period of time? Under Sir Alex Ferguson’s watch, Rooney will do just fine. You cannot tame this lion. Hear him roar…


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    Antonio Conte is proving that the "need time to get used to the Premier League" is just a myth that most clubs, managers, players and fans utilize as an excuse for being average or rubbish.

    Can Sunderland just be relegated already? Are we not all tired of hearing about their relegation survival and how they'd already be in the Championship without Jermaine Defoe?!!

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    "The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning."
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