The Penalty Gods punish Arsenal…

zeus-greek-mythology-687267_1024_768They say you reap what you sow. And the Gunners can tell you it’s true. Not even a Godly strike from Arshavin could save Arsenal. They lost to Manchester United in a game they absolutely should have won. They gave away a costly penalty and some might think it was the Gods punishing them for Eduardo’s dive against Celtic earlier in the week. Were the Penalty Gods trying to put the world right at Old Trafford on Saturday? Did Arsenal deserve at least a point for their efforts? Will they bounce back in their next game against Manchester City? Do you think Wenger could play up front after showing his water bottle kicking skills?

Manchester United were exceptionally lucky to get a win against Arsenal. I know they came back and gave it a good fight, but in the overall picture of play, Arsenal made United look really average. The penalty decision was questionable and the own goal from Diaby was incredibly unlucky. Arsenal then had a goal disallowed in the dying seconds and again, you’ve seen them given. Rooney was brilliant. He is the spark for United. His passion drives the team and you can’t deny their never say die attitude. Rooney is the engine though. He is United right now. They need him more than ever. The Gods were certainly on the Red Devil’s side in this game.

Tottenham won again. You read that right people. Tottenham won again. What did they put in the juice down at the Lane? Surely they can’t keep this up can they? ‘Arry is doing a superb job so far this season. It’s a shame Modric will be out for 6 weeks. They say it’s a broken leg. What a blow as he’s been sensational. How will this affect Spurs? Lennon has been on fire in the last couple of games and deserves his England recall. Crouch helped change the game when he came on and he too deserves his call-up from Capello. Can Tottenham really win the League? Can they keep this up? Or will they be arguing about ketchup in a couple of months?

Chelsea look dangerous. They demolished Burnley. Remember, Burnley beat Manchester United last week. Interesting that, don’t you think? Chelsea look connected as a team. They look like they are playing for each other. They’ve maintained the spirit Hiddink recreated from the Mourinho days. Ancelotti has added his flavour to the mix and the Blues are looking good. Frank Lampard continues to impress for me. And it might be painful to hear because I know it’s painful to write but…Ashley Cole is having an incredible start to the season. What do you think of Chelsea?

Liverpool were lucky. The good news for them is they had a very average performance and still won the game. It was so typical of Gerrard to hit a winning goal the way he did when he was not really a factor throughout. This will help the team’s confidence and seeing Torres and Gerrard score will help. Not sure about the new signing Kyriakos. Let’s give the guy more time though. Carragher is a liability at the back. Rafa should stop acting with his heart and start acting with his head when it comes to Carra. He’s a good player to have on the bench. If Liverpool want to win, they need to fix their problems at the back.

Manchester City kept their 100% record alive. Adebayor scored again. Gareth Barry is the most impressive of their new signings. He has to be one of the best midfielder’s in the country. Let’s see how City do in the next few weeks when they meet Arsenal and Manchester United. They are doing well, but for me, they are not interesting yet. It was good to see Everton win. I think Distin is a solid signing for them. Villa won their second in a row so that will help them continue to build their confidence. Stoke are in 4th place! Go on Stoke!

What stood out for you this week?

4 thoughts on “The Penalty Gods punish Arsenal…”

  1. This totally was karma right? Arsenal totally should have won that game. Man Utd were so poor. Fabregas was not in the team and Arsenal lose. I am going to throw it out there…..can anyone say “one man team?” hmmm. Well hopefully Diaby and the Arsenal team pick themselves up and beat Man City cause I am so sick of hearing they have a chance at the title. They havent shined for me and with all the signings. Lets see how Man City will cope with the big boys. Im predicting a Arsenal win by a mile.

    I can’t even believe Spurs won AGAIN. I have no doubts that we can totally do very well this season and who knows…silverware? probably with ‘Arry there and now we have a bargain transfer for Kranjcar. Can we have a more stregthend squad. My word. Spurs stood out for me this week. Stuck it out to the very end.

    I said it from the beginning of the season but Chelsea will probably win the title this season. Pains me to say but they look good.

    Liverpool were poor even though they won. I know it is so early but they could be out of the title run already. I dont think they are good enough at the moment.

    Stoke..4th place. Good for them. Enjoy it while you can Stoke Fans.

    Hope Spurs can beat Man U. Now there is a match I wont miss. COME ON SPURS!

  2. I don’t think Arsenal are a one man team. They dominated that game even without Fabregas! They also did well without him in certain games last season too.

    What silverware do you see Tottenham snagging? How do you feel about Modric’s injury?

  3. I just throught the comment about “one man team” out there. I dont believe it but some do. If your players start getting injured who do you replace them with? You think Arsenal can win the title this year?

    I think the FA CUP will do nicely for Spurs this season. But who knows the rate were going could we actually challenge for the title? hmmm.
    We have a strong team and I think Modric injury wont effect spurs that much. I hope. We have Kranjcer now too…so I think Spurs will be fine. I is a blow for Spurs and Arsenal…start of the season and already both thier star players are injured.

  4. I think Song and Denilson have done a nice job in midfield and Diaby seems to be coming along nicely, despite the own goal. Plus Walcott, Nasri and Rosicky are due back soon, so there are options for more attacking minded players.
    I believe Arsenal could win the title if they did have more depth all around in the squad. But for some reason the squad seems tighter and stronger than last season, so this puts the Gunners in a better place.

    If I was a Tottenham fan, I’d be gutted losing Modric, especially after the way he has started the season. Niko Kranjcar is one of those players many rave about, but I’ve not really seen him deliver the goods consistently. Sure he’s scored some terrific goals, but I’m not sure he’s to the standard of Modric. We shall see.

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