Lightning won’t strike twice…

If you are a football romantic, then Andre Villas Boas to Tottenham could end up being one of the potential feel good stories of the new season. If you are a skeptic, then every single sign says Villas Boas will crumble more than an England player during a penalty shoot out.

The former Chelsea and Porto manager certainly has a point to prove on his return to the Premier League. His failure at Chelsea leaves many unanswered questions about his overall ability to manage a team at that level. Many would argue winning the treble with Porto is easier than winning the Premier League with Chelsea. Either way, there is an evident gulf between the two leagues but surely people can respect winning the treble at any level is quite an achievement.

The special one strikes again…

72067014SJ001_UEFA_ChampionWhen Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho, we all knew he would come back to haunt them as coach of an opposing team. On his much hyped return to London with Inter Milan, things went very well for the man from Portugal.

As his old team crumbled, his new team stood like giants. And with millions of football fans watching, it was evident the ghost of “the Special One” still lingers and bedevils Chelsea Football Club.

How much do you miss him now Blues fans? Will you ever get over him?

All this money and nobody to spend it on…

77928_featureRoman Abramovich must be throwing his toys off the oil rig this week. Chelsea have been banned from buying or loaning players in the transfer market until 2011. I hear you all now…”it’s about time isn’t it?! For a club like Chelsea, this is a disaster of gigantic proportions.

After Lens launched a legal fight to out Chelsea’s actions, world governing body FIFA finally put their foot down on a touchy subject that many clubs are actually guilty of. Tapping up, inducing and poaching happens in abundance. But just like the diving incident with Eduardo last week, it seems Chelsea are the club of choice to be made an example of when it comes to the ethics of transfers. It looks like Chelsea might be able to appeal, but the process is a little tricky.