Who needs to be friendly…?

van__persie_682x400_929155aIf a country has qualified for the World Cup, why do they have to play a meaningless friendly? Sure the revenue is good for each nation’s savings account but that’s not how some of the world’s biggest football clubs see it. Once again some key players have returned from international duty with injuries that could have been prevented by not scheduling these needless friendlies.

Legend Dennis Bergkamp…

dennis_bergkampThis week, the “Nod” goes to Arsenal and Dutch genius Dennis Bergkamp. Classy, entertaining and inspirational would best describe Sir Dennis. His magical feet wooed the Arsenal faithful for years and the rest of the world got to appreciate his talent when he played in the World Cup and European Championships.

His goal scoring show reel is absolute poetry. His touch was amazing, his finishing clinical and his attitude towards the game an example for every young professional. He was responsible for the odd dirty foul, but it didn’t overshadow his footballing brilliance. Is he the best to have played in the Premier League? Let the debate begin.