Newcastle are gone baby gone…

newcastle-shearer_1392814cNewcastle United have been relegated. After almost 20 years in the top flight of British football, the once impressive and glamorous Toon Army are toast. Their fall from grace was heard across the football universe today and Chairman Mike Ashley, his executive team and even the players can point the finger at themselves for this disaster. 

How many fingers am I holding up…?

picimg_premier_league_arshavin_11c2What a night at Anfield! Liverpool 4 – 4 Arsenal. It was breathtaking to watch. We saw beautiful football and ugly mistakes too. The star of the show was undoubtedly Andrei Arshavin. The wee Russian is going to be a superstar at Arsenal. If all goes well for him at the club, he could become a legend.

Scoring 4 goals against Liverpool is ridiculous. And they weren’t just average goals. Shifting left, moving right, Arshavin was like a Ninja as he darted through the Liverpool midfield and defense all night long. He had them all quaking in their personally designed football boots! 

Beer or wine on Champions League nights…?

ab10828vintage-wine-i-postersWhen it comes to those fancy European nights filled with sexy Champions League football, do you guys stick with the ice cold brew or do you shift to wine? Is it even possible to make football and wine work together? Do wine and football only speak to chicks and metrosexuals? Wine wouldn’t really go with a dirty burger right? Absolutely wrong. If we’re able to drink wine with a rancid plane meal, then surely a glass or two of red or white could wash down a dirty burger or meat pie?

How do you prepare for the new football season…

arsenal_tv_img-718798The anticipation of a new football season is intense. You’re just about over the previous season as the new one gets started. Emotions of lost games, sweet victories and heartbreaking decisions are still fresh in the mind. There comes a time however where you need to dust yourself off and move on and there’s nothing quite like the purchase of a new home or away shirt to get you into gear for the new season. I mean go ahead and wear last seasons look if your team won something. If not, burn it. I mean why look back? Why wear a jinxed shirt? Why start the season off on the wrong foot? Why put your own team’s destiny in jeopardy? Why wear a losing season kit?

What to do on a Saturday morning…

tivo_logo_lg_rgbThere’s nothing quite like preparing for a Premiership football game on Saturday. The only difference now is that I don’t go to the games, I watch them all on TV. Even though I have TIVO, I still get up to watch the 4.30am games live. You feel more involved when you watch it live. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe I ever got out of bed at that hour for Bolton vs Reading! That’s the kind of fixture where TIVO comes in very handy. Which teams would drag you out of bed at 4.30am? Who is deserving of your attention at that ridiculous hour? How much of a soccer tart are you?