What does your crystal ball say..?

crystal_ballI’ve resisted. I’ve tried everything to curb my urge to talk predictions. Who are we kidding though? How can we avoid it? We all know it’s out there. Everyone’s already talking about who they think will win the league. It’s inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if we are fan prophets? Come on. You know you want to.

Here’s how I think the Premier League will finish this season. What does your crystal ball say? What do you see in the footballing future? Come May, we will compare our tables and a fan will rise as the British Soccer Diva Premier League Champion.

Heaven, I’m in heaven…

gods-sunshineFinally, the agonizing wait is over. The greatest show on earth is back. The passion, the agony and the ecstasy of the Premier League is already in full swing. I loved every single second of opening weekend. How was it for you?

Manchester United put in a reliable performance, Chelsea were predictable, Liverpool looked unsavoury and Arsenal were sublime. Of the other teams challenging to break into the top 4…Tottenham looked impressive, Manchester City dazzled for about 10 minutes and Aston Villa were woeful. Now seeing as this is only week one, we won’t get too carried away with what we’ve seen thus far. Remember how we all thought Deco would be another Zola after Chelsea’s first game last season? Well I’m sure we don’t want to make mistakes like that again as we kick-off the 2009/10 campaign. But as fans, we can’t help ourselves in saying what we see, even if it is just week one!

Talk around the pub is…

42-17021668John Terry a.k.a JT and Mr.Chelsea is staying at the Bridge. This could mean he’ll be on his way to Manchester City in a week or so!!! Stranger things have happened but it does look like the Chelsea faithful got luckier than a lottery winner this summer. Their boy has vowed to fight on for the Blues. Could be one of their best signings this summer! What do you guys think?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has sealed his switch from Inter Milan to Barcelona. Eto’o is supposedly going from Barcelona to Inter Milan. I think we’ll go larger on these two stories once we see the lads in their new pin stripes! Who would you prefer on your team…Zlatan or Eto’o?

Legend David Ginola…

David_Ginola_CaricatureDavid Ginola played for four Premier League clubs including Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Everton. He undoubtedly showcased his best football at Newcastle United and Spurs. The Frenchman loved being on the big stage and fans loved him. Especially women! He had flare, pizazz and personality. But he was also a great footballer.

Ginola had beautiful feet and he scored some really tasty goals when he was in his prime. He also played the game with a lot of passion and in 1999 was voted PFA Footballer of the Year while playing for Spurs. Ginola also won his only English domestic trophy with Spurs in 1999, the League Cup. Outside of English football he won the French league and cup with Paris St-Germain.

Future Divo…

ashl-young-756455Aston Villa’s game against Everton could be a defining moment in their season. They have dropped some crucial points against inferior teams and most critics agree they have underperformed thus far. However, when a team does have a moment of change, it is usually sparked by a certain decision by the manager, or most likely, the sudden impact of a particular player. Step forward Ashley Young.

His game against Everton was inspired. Young scored two beautiful goals that illustrated his pure natural talent. The composure he maintained when threading the ball past Tim Howard was impressive. His second half goal that came from an almighty gaff from Phil Jagielka was pleasing on the eye too. It’s great to watch a young England player doing so well.

What to do on a Saturday morning…

tivo_logo_lg_rgbThere’s nothing quite like preparing for a Premiership football game on Saturday. The only difference now is that I don’t go to the games, I watch them all on TV. Even though I have TIVO, I still get up to watch the 4.30am games live. You feel more involved when you watch it live. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe I ever got out of bed at that hour for Bolton vs Reading! That’s the kind of fixture where TIVO comes in very handy. Which teams would drag you out of bed at 4.30am? Who is deserving of your attention at that ridiculous hour? How much of a soccer tart are you?