Red card…

Red Card We are not the type to hand out red cards willy nilly. On this ocassion however, it was very easy to yank the shiny red card from the top left pocket and hold it high in the sky for everyone to see.

Sepp Blatter, this one is for you. It doesn’t require too much explanation. You are a bully. You are a shiner. You are nothing but Del Boy dressed in Giorgio Armani. How dare you ridicule one of the world’s best players? How dare you play favourites? How dare you say anything about Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair or style? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Do you see what we see?

Kudos to Cristiano for responding to Blatter. Kudos to Cristiano for standing up to the so-called leader of world football. Kids are bullied across this universe every single day. Even young lads who aspire to be like Cristiano Ronaldo and have lots of talent are victims of bullies. Cristiano showed young kids everywhere that no matter what anyone says, if you believe they are wrong, you can speak up and defend yourself. You have a voice and can use it.

Blatter may think that Messi is the “good boy every mother dreams of having,” but like many have responded to his ridiculous comments, there are a gazillion parents out there who would love to have a successful and talented son like Cristiano.

Not everyone has to be the same Blatter. That’s what makes the world special. That’s what makes things fun. We can appreciate Messi and Cristiano. Even if they are chalk and cheese, even if they are night and day, they are both gifted, they are both brilliant. There is room for each of them and we’d appreciate if you just got your bald bitterness out of the way!

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