“Conversations” is series of in depth interviews focusing on one guest so we can dig into deeper dialogue and debate. Sophie enjoys conversations with some of football’s finest players, managers, analysts and correspondents.

Sit back. Relax. Get comfy and enjoy!

Manchester United Legend {Ryan Giggs}
Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs joins the Highbury & Heels squad for an epic chat. Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger & that insane Arsenal rivalry to Giggsy’s coaching ambitions & his disappointment in not becoming Manchester United manager, we talk about it all. Plus you won’t want to miss the quickfire round where we find out his favourite cheer-up movie, his love for Game of Thrones and which Neville brother he’d choose to save! Get stuck in.

NBC Sports Premier League Host {Rebecca Lowe}
Rebecca joins for a good old natter about Jose Mourinho and the new unauthorized book on The Special One written by Rob Beasley. Plus we are giving away two signed copies of Liverpool legend Stevie Nicol’s new book “5 League Titles and a Packet of Crisps. Look at us talking books and stuff! Who said reading books was dead?!

Liverpool Legend {Stevie Nicol}
Liverpool legend Stevie Nicol joins Sophie for a wee chat about the start to the new season. We touch on a little Dalglish, some classic Kop stuff and who in today’s Liverpool side makes the squad Stevie played in? Put the kettle on. Put your feet up. Have a sip and join the conversation! Oh and be sure to look out for @SteveNicol61 book “5 Titles & a Bag of Crisps” on sale September 8th!

BT Sport Commentator {Oliver Wilson}
As the new season approaches, I’m joined by Oliver Wilson to hand out grades. Last season. This season. We had out grades like Aguero scores goals. Thick and fast! Find out who is Grade A material and who is failing miserably? Discover Oliver @O_J_Wilson. And you know you can always knock on my door @soccerdiva!