schPeter Schmeichel was a goalkeeping gladiator. He was formidable. He was a giant. He was almost impossible to score against. Opponents feared him. United fans loved him. They knew if they had the great Dane in goal, they could beat anyone. As quickly as he would make a save, he would distribute the ball to a hungry Manchester United player and make a goal.

Schmeichel was more than just a goalkeeper. He was a player, captain and manager out on the field. He would bark and yell directions at anyone who would listen. He didn’t care if it was Bruce, Pallister, Beckham, Giggs, Keane, or Cantona. He was a born winner and understood what it took to achieve greatness. He was willing to put himself on the line with opponents and team mates. He was fearless.

Some critics have said he made some of his saves look a little more theatrical than they actually were. Isn’t that a little harsh considering Schmeichel won countless Premier League titles and the Champions League in a treble winning season with Man Utd? Oh and he also won the European Championship with Denmark in 1992. I don’t think Utd or Danish fans cared about his theatrical style. If anything, it added to his performances. He made the goalkeeping position exciting again. He was everything Bruce Grobbelaar wanted to be.

He was a huge part of Manchester United’s success in the 1990’s. He is without question a Premier League Legend. Does he deserve to be regarded as the best? Is there anyone better than him?


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