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The ultimate climax is upon us. The season is reaching its crescendo. We are all about to burst. This is one of the most exciting finishes to a season in recent years. Who will win the Premier League? Who will win the Champions League? Heck who will win the World Cup?

We are all waiting. And in the midst of our anticipation comes another question. Which player has made his team tick the most in the Premier League? Which player has been the sensation of the season? Who deserves to win Player of the Year?

Can anyone eclipse the season Wayne Rooney has had? If Manchester United don’t win the league, is Rooney’s season a failure? Do his 30 odd goals count for nothing? Can we call him the best if United don’t win it all?

With all his injuries, is it fair that Cesc Fabregas is in the frame for Player of the Year? Has he really made a difference to Arsenal’s season? Has he truly been the best player?

Carlos Tevez has scored a bundle of goals for Manchester City. Has the Argentine hit man done enough to be considered the best in 2010? If Manchester City don’t qualify for the Champions League, can we really put Tevez on the best player pedastal?

Didier Drogba has been superb for Chelsea over the years. But has he really lit it up this season? The Blues could easily walk away with the title, but has Drogba done enough to win the big player prize?

Which players do you think have been totally ignored for Player of the Year? Did Gareth Bale deserve a shot? Should Vermaelen have been considered? Why is Lampard ignored year-after-year?

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  1. In my honest opinion I don’t think anyone has lit up the season, or done something amazing throughout, it’s not their fault, it has just been one of those seasons. Everyone has had their turn in the limelight and then they have all had their injuries too.

    It will probably go to Rooney or Drogba, whoever wins the league might decide which player takes it.

    I think Fabregas has made a huge difference, especially in the absence of Robin Van Persie. If it wasn’t for his goals you wouldn’t even be near the top two, he has been that important to Arsenal this year.

    I really hope City don’t get the 4th spot, not just cos i’m a Spurs fan, but it could be the worst thing for the league. Imagine this, a team with unlimited funds with the pull of Champions League football and a high wage structure, what player will say no? They would be able to buy any world class player, but, if they were in the Europa no world class player wants to play in that competition. So for the sake of the league, and us Spurs fans let’s hope that they don’t make it.

    Bale has come on the scene too late, has had some really impressive games but not enough to warrant a player of the year. I think Vermaelen’s last few games weren’t his best, but then again nor was the whole team’s, but he is the top scoring defender and has been impressive for his first season.

    Lampard has been the one player who has got better as the season has gone on, scoring and assisting and reaching his 20 league goal tally again. I think he could have been in there, I have been impressed with him this year.

  2. So it was Rooney. I think he deserved it. For me he lit it up this season. Injuries aside he could have been the difference in the Champions League semi and the last few games of the Premier League. I think we both said a while back that without Ronaldo, he would shine. Bingo! Let’s hope he’s fit for England.

    Lampard is hugely overlooked. As much as Chelsea annoy everyone, he is a quality player who has improved immensely over the years. I would love him in my team. He doesn’t get enough respect.

    By the way, congratulations, you just tied Lady Yid at the top of the table with the abovementioned post. We too have a nail biting finish…

  3. I dont know what it is but Rooney has not won me over yet. Dont get me wrong he has lit up this season but has he lit it up like the likes of Ronaldo and Messi? Totally different and Rooney doesnt really perform his best all the time, where as I watch the la liga Ronaldo and Messi are always at their best. As much as it pains me to say I think Drogba should have got the award. That touch he produced at the stoke game….unbelievable tekkers. He is more of a showboat which I think is great for the game there has been a lack cockyness since Ronaldo left. I actually miss the wink in the premier league. I used to dislike Drogba but he won me over.

    Poor lampard overlooked again, start of the season there was talk about Ancelloti playing him in that diamond position which will not get him as many goals…well the critics were wrong…. midfield player with 20 goals this season. Gerrad who?

    not impressed about the tie at the top. Beginning of the season I picked Chelsea to win the league and it looks like I will be right so Im going out on the limb here…..Its in the bag!

  4. I don’t agree that Ronaldo has been consistent in every game in La Liga this season. Granted he’s been far far better than Kaka, but I don’t think Ronaldo has played to Messi’s level this season. Whereas I think Rooney really has. And their stories are very similar,,,they carry their respective team. Regardless of how amazing Barcelona are as a team, without Messi they lack something huge (the greatest player in the world perhaps)!! But also great players step up when they have to and Messi did not against Inter Milan. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been the best player of the year.

    Look out for a post on Inter Milan and the Champions League. We need to talk about just how brilliant they were. I was blown away by Eto’o. I was blown away by the whole team. And Mourinho…well…what a victory…We have to chat about that game…

    Lady Yid, with the post above you once again take command of the table. You’ve been the favourite to win all season (a bit like Chelsea). We will analyze the league tables we all created at the start of the season…but it’s safe to say that right now, you’re looking like a champ kiddo! What will Jonesy do?

  5. Im just saying I would rather sit in front of the telly and watch Messi and Ronaldo then Rooney. However this is gonna change once the world cup begins COME ON ENGLAND!

    Can not wait for the the post on last nights champions league. Mourinho is truely ‘the special one’ and it totally helps to love him cause hes so freaking HOT! Total turn on him celebrating last night(oops wrong website sorry) so anyways….

    Jonesy will be okay, being a spurs fan were used to losing!

  6. Lol! Classic quote at the end there from a Spurs fan.

    Isn’t it funny how we hate on and abuse opposing team’s star players and when it comes to King and Country, they become our heroes! Love it…

  7. I dont think Drogba deserved it more than Rooney, he had some great moments too (destroying Arsenal) and that was Unbelievable Tekkers against Stoke, great shout Lady Yid.

    I think Messi has been more consistent than Ronaldo on a weekly basis. But when Ronaldo is on it, he usually blows teams away. It is a shame for The Premier League that we lost that talent.

    Messi was a no show against Inter, but with all that talent and the way they play they still should have created more. Credit to Pique great turn and finish for a Centre Back, I think United lost out when they got rid of him.

    Mourinho, what can we say about the guy, he is different, he does not care. That celebration was something else. I think everyone misses his antics, but I think he will be back.

    Do you think it was tactical genius? or did he just park the bus?

    As for me, I fight til the end. If this is at Old trafford then i’ll be fine cos there will be a penalty or at least 6mins of added Fergie time!

  8. that was brilliant from piqué what were utd thinking getting rid how much would they have loved him this season with rio and vidic being out?!
    Mourinho is a genius that last minute change before the start of the barca game…was playing some sort of mind games there.he is great and with rafa on the way out could it be that ‘the special one’ will be back?

    Jonesy who knows there might be a beach ball involved and u could snatch it.

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