Legend David Ginola…

David_Ginola_CaricatureDavid Ginola played for four Premier League clubs including Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Everton. He undoubtedly showcased his best football at Newcastle United and Spurs. The Frenchman loved being on the big stage and fans loved him. Especially women! He had flare, pizazz and personality. But he was also a great footballer.

Ginola had beautiful feet and he scored some really tasty goals when he was in his prime. He also played the game with a lot of passion and in 1999 was voted PFA Footballer of the Year while playing for Spurs. Ginola also won his only English domestic trophy with Spurs in 1999, the League Cup. Outside of English football he won the French league and cup with Paris St-Germain.

David Ginola must be one of the only footballers to have ever appeared in a shampoo commercial. The Frenchman was a legend for his looks as much as he was for playing the beautiful game. He glided up and down that wing with the wind blowing through his hair for 90 minutes every Saturday. When L’Oreal came calling, Ginola and his locks answered!

Some people may not put Ginola in the same category as a Cantona, Zola or a Bergkamp, but when you think of the great entertainers that have played in the Premier League, Ginola is top of the list. If Newcastle United had won the league in the 1995-96 season when they collapsed after leading by 10 points, then perhaps Ginola would be in the elite player discussion a lot more. For me, he is a Premier League legend…

2 thoughts on “Legend David Ginola…”

  1. I would totally put Ginola in the category as cantona, bergkamp and zola. He played entertaining football. He was great to watch, looked even better in the spurs shirt. “L’Oreal its cause he’s worth it”

  2. The only geezer who could have pulled off a L’Oreal commercial back in those days. The man had pizazz on and off the pitch. And I think it’s a toss up whether he played his best at Newcastle or Spurs. The Geordies would argue with you that he actually looked his best in the black and white! Oh how they could use a player like Ginola now…poor Newcastle.

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