It’s a Topsy Turvy game this football…

MrTopsy-TurvyLast night Aston Villa beat Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield. Liverpool fans must be feeling sick this morning. This is not how they planned out their season at the pub this summer. It will take a lot more than a couple of pints to erase this miserable loss.

Did anyone tell the Liverpool players the summer is over and it’s time to get back to work? Do they know it’s not pre-season any more? Someone send them the memo.

Liverpool just don’t look like the same team right now. Torres appears sluggish. Gerrard looks lost. The defense looks dodgy. The midfield is uninventive. The majority of the team can’t finish. And the manager is too busy moaning instead of coaching. Get off your soap box Rafa and get on with it. Stop acting as though the world is against Liverpool. Start doing your talking on the pitch.

Liverpool need to bring in a couple of new players. The scouse house has another week or so to splash the cash in the transfer market. It’s tough to talk about whether or not they will be better with Aquilano as we haven’t seen him perform in the league yet. And despite his acquisition, they could still use an additional midfielder and perhaps even a little more firepower up front. They cannot afford to lose too many more games. We all saw what happened to Arsenal last season. Once they lost 3 or 4, there was no turning back. It was over.

The new season is up to it’s old tricks again. We have plenty of drama early on. Hold onto your balls as though Ronaldo were firing one right at you people.┬áThis is going to be one Topsy┬áTurvy season. Are you ready to roll with the nutmegs?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Topsy Turvy game this football…”

  1. Liverpool last night looked like a mid table team. They have decided to stop playing football and just moan at everything. Gerrard does not look the same, maybe the season has started too early for me. Torres last night reminded me of Drogba in his early days at Chelsea, always on the floor and moaning about evrything and anything.

    A lack of quality on the bench might mean they will struggle to keep up with the big boys, if Torres and Gerrard are not on form they dont play well, it showed last night, and Lucas once again proved what a major loss Alonso is.

  2. The problem Liverpool have now is the smaller teams will really fancy their chances against them. Arsenal had the same problem last season. Teams could smell the vulnerability and they would try to hit them over and over in their weak spots.

    Am I going to be the brave one to say it out loud…Jamie Carragher is not a starting defender any longer. He doesn’t have the pace for the Premier League anymore. I think Skrtel and Agger would be better for Liverpool in that defense together as a unit. Glen Johnson is rock solid and will be a great buy for Liverpool in the long-term. Insua needs more experience. He has glimpses of being a good player when he bursts forward. His run and interplay with Torres is what got Liverpool their goal.

    But their major problem is in the midfield and Aquilano has a lot of work ahead of him if he is to live upto Alonso.

    Do you get the impression something else is going on though? The team just don’t look happy….

  3. If they keep going this way, his job will be on the line. They want the Premier League and already it’s going to be a tough battle because they can’t afford to lose too many games. Granted it’s a long season, but last term they only lost two total…

    Jose would be great at Liverpool…

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