Who needs to be friendly…?

van__persie_682x400_929155aIf a country has qualified for the World Cup, why do they have to play a meaningless friendly? Sure the revenue is good for each nation’s savings account but that’s not how some of the world’s biggest football clubs see it. Once again some key players have returned from international duty with injuries that could have been prevented by not scheduling these needless friendlies.

Chelsea and Arsenal must be fuming today. Two of their best players are crocked because of playing in a friendly that didn’t really mean anything. Frank Lampard has a thigh injury that was apparently caused by a cheap charter flight to Qatar, the location for England’s friendly versus Brazil. Why wasn’t that game played at Wembley at least? Why go to Qatar? Andy why are England making their players sit in baby seats while travelling on business to play for Queen and country? Lampard could be out for at least 3 weeks and the London club are seeking compensation from the F.A.. Good for them I say!

Arsenal’s problems however are far graver and greater than Chelsea’s. While on duty for the Netherlands, Arsenal front man Robin van Persie tore his ankle ligaments and the word is he could be out for the rest of the season. If this is true, it’s a major blow to Arsenal and Van Persie personally after he was having a “Player of the Year” type season. One thing is for sure, Italian defender Chiellini will not be on any Arsenal fans Christmas card list this holiday season.

I don’t want to harp on about the friendlies as I do love my international football. But there does come a time when the football governing body has to be responsible to the club as well as the progression of the game on an international level. As football fans, we’ve all been robbed of watching Robin Van Persie play for the rest of the season. And if you are an Arsenal fan, you now have to hope the club can pull through without him. January transfer marketing anyone?