In Honour of Dr.Seuss…

Happy birthday to a genius. We are always lauding our athletes, actors and rock stars, but today, I’d like to give a shout out to one of pop culture’s greatest gifts, Dr. Seuss!

Innovation, imagination and pure poetry in its finest form, Dr. Seuss carved stories and weaved magic with words like no other. No childhood is complete without the company of Dr. Seuss.

So in honour of the man who created stories as beautiful as Van Gogh’s paintings, we have gone Seuss on Harry Redknapp and the England job. Now remember, when you read it, read it as they would a masterpiece by Dr. Seuss himself!

There’s a man named Redknapp who is loved so much
They’d prefer him to be England manager because he is not Dutch
And although the football grinch ‘Arry may not be
How can you trust him to manage England when he dodges his taxes with glee
This is a man who let’s players do what they want
Unlike Sir Alex who lives in their dreams to haunt
Under Arry green eggs and ham those fellas can eat
He says it gives them muscles to kick the ball with their feet
Whomever the FA and England appoint
Let’s hope in their spare time they don’t smoke a joint
For England needs a man who can be a leader of men
And someone who can write with paper and pen
Just look at the Germans, the Spaniards and the French
They’ve won more awards than England’s Judi Dench
Even the who’s in Whoville won back their stuff
Which makes this England team filled even more fluff
So good luck to the man who eventually gets the job
Let’s hope you win something so the media can shut their gob


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