I’m going home, to the place where I belong…

spainfashionparadeok2So Xabi Alonso finally joined Real Madrid for a reported 30 million pounds. The midfield maestro leaves Liverpool after 5 years of quality service. I’m sure the fans are sad today as they loved watching Alonso play alongside Gerrard, Mascherano and his fellow countrymen, Torres. And if the fans are looking for someone to blame for Alonso leaving, they should look no further than their coach Rafa Benitez. After the debacle that was trying to sign Gareth Barry last season, Alonso felt a little insulted and wanted out of Liverpool from then. Well done Rafa!

The Liverpool coach is however hoping to ease the fans pain with the signing of Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani who joins Liverpool from Roma as a replacement for Alonso. Aquilani cost the reds 18 million pounds and is an exciting prospect who has shined for Roma in Serie A and the Champions League. He does have some question marks with regards to injuries, but it seems the Anfield medical crew are happy with his status following the ankle surgery he had in May.

Will Liverpool be as strong in midfield without Alonso? Will this effect Gerrard’s play in any way? What do you think of Aquilani as a replacement? Now Benitez is in charge of transfers, do you think he’s doing a good job with it all so far?

And what about Real Madrid? They have signed Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Alonso and let’s not forget Arbeloa who is also a quality player. If the coach can super glue this talent together, we could see one of the most exciting elite European teams in years. I for one will be watching to see how the new Glacticos fair against the current princes of Spanish football, Barcelona. Can Real Madrid knock the Catalans out of their treble-winning tree?

Alonso has moved on from the Premier League and the Gareth Barry saga to fulfill a childhood dream. Like so many other players, he has always wanted to play for Real Madrid. And for the Spanish international, he certainly feels like he’s back home in the place where he belongs…

2 thoughts on “I’m going home, to the place where I belong…”

  1. I believe Liverpool have downgraded here. Alonso is a quality player, and im not judging Aquilani before he has kicked a ball, but Alonso controlled and pulled many strings in that midfield and i think him being alongside mascherano gave gerrard the freedom to do what he does best. He will sorely be missed by the Reds and will be highly appreciated Real.

    It will be a great battle for the top two in La Liga. I am looking forward to it, Real may have made all the signings but Guardiola has his team ticking all over the pitch, and he knows his squad pretty well as he managed the B team and knows the youngsters abilities. Tough to call but im going with Barca again.

  2. Aquilani is injured too isn’t he? Liverpool fans are going to miss Alonso a lot. Arbeloa too. Great players. I just hope it doesn’t stifle Gerrard’s creative freedom as he is undoubtedly one of the best players to watch. You hit the nail on the head…it’s a down grade. Unless he turns out to be a sensation of course and then we can eat our words!!!

    Right now Barca has to be the choice for La Liga and Champs League. Once the season gets going, we’ll see if this new look Real side can keep up with them. I think Real Madrid will have a new manager by November!! We should start taking some bets on that…what do you think?

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