I’d play at the Theater of Dreams…

oldtrafford_468x596Why is everyone turning down the chance to sign for Manchester United? Why don’t players want to play at the Theater of Dreams? What is wrong with everyone people?

Benzema admitted today he chose Real Madrid over Manchester United. Ronaldo didn’t want to stay a second longer in the North of England. And Franck Ribery is hellbent on joining Real Madrid over United too. I get it, and I just don’t get it all at the same time. The last time I looked, Manchester United were the team with the stable manager and the countless Premier League titles, F.A. Cup and Champions League wins over the last few years.

If I were a player wanting to win things, United would be a better choice over Real Madrid right now wouldn’t it? But it seems the lure of Real Madrid and their place in football history is too much for players to overlook. Manchester United have just as much history. But wearing the famous white for one of the world’s greatest teams seems to be the soup de jour. Or is it because they are throwing money at players and they all see an opportunity to beef up their pensions while they can? Surely they don’t want to make history and be part of a football revolution do they? I’ll give Ronaldo a pass on this one. He earned his move and gave a lot to United.

But given the choice, would you play for Sir Alex Ferguson or Manuel Pellegrini? Pellegrini doesn’t have the pedigree of Ferguson. Granted neither did Pep Guardiola and he was amazing as Barcelona manager winning the treble in his first season. But how often does that happen? Not very. Real Madrid are obviously building another Galacticos team and they are desperate to emulate what their biggest rivals did last season. It’s hard to win the treble and it’s not a guarantee these superstars are going to gel and be unbelievably good together. 

David Beckham and other Real Madrid players of the past have all said that the revolving door of managers at the Bernabeu hurt their own form and this obviously affected the overall success of the team. No player likes to have a couple of managers a month taking charge. Beckham has said many times the stability at Manchester United and knowing who the manager was and what was expected helped him and every other player evolve and progress as professionals. Perhaps it will be different with Pellegrini. Let’s see what happens when the new season starts.

Manchester United have been turned down a lot this summer. Does this mean the power is shifting to La Liga? Is this where most players want to be now? If I were one of the best players in the world today seeking a transfer, I’d sign for Manchester United in a heartbeat. It’s called the Theater of Dreams for a reason you know! Who would you sign for?