Future Divo…


Jack Wilshere has been dubbed the most exciting prospect in English football and he absolutely deserves the tag. There’s a fearlessness to Wilshere that is undeniable and there’s no doubt he’s a breathtaking player to watch.

Wilshere has had an incredible pre-season with Arsenal and was without question the star at the Emirates Cup. He showed a maturity and intelligence for the game that we haven’t seen in a few of Arsene Wenger’s youngsters.¬†Wilshere reminds people of former Arsenal legend Liam Brady and if you’re a Gooner, this can only be hopeful news in an off-season where not much has happened in the transfer market. He also has a little Gazza in him when he has the ball at his feet and he’s running at players. Wilshere truly is a delicious footballer.

There isn’t one pundit or writer that isn’t raving about this lad. He has impressed so much that some are saying he deserves to start before Theo Walcott. Some have even gone as far to say Arshavin and Fabregas love to play with him because he knows how to read their runs in a world-class player kind of way. Could Wilshere challenge Walcott for a place in the starting line-up this season?

The great thing about Wilshere is he’s an Arsenal boy through and through. He is a rising star born from the Gunners exceptionally run academy and he is an example of the type of player Wenger wants to breed. His High School P.E. teacher compared him to Wayne Rooney and he believes Wilshere will burst onto the world stage just like the Boy Wonder did a few years ago. If that’s the case, Arsenal and England have much to look forward to.

Talk of him playing for England in the World Cup seems far off when he hasn’t played regularly for Arsenal in the Premier League yet. How will he match-up against the likes of Gerrard and Mascherano at Liverpool, Lampard and Ballack at Chelsea and Carrick and Fletcher at Manchester United? Something tells me he’ll do just fine. Wilshere isn’t phased by all this and he’s just waiting for his chance to show the world what he can do. Those who have seen the Wilshere trailer love what they have witnessed thus far.

Jack Wilshere…we will be watching you closely this season. Good luck son. You are without question a Future Divo…

4 thoughts on “Future Divo…”

  1. I like wilshere…shame he plays for Arsenal. But if I guess correctly that wont last long…hes english. Arsenal dont do english. Wilshere you should go play for a side that you have a future with cause that will get you in the world cup England side.
    Wilshere to spurs??? lol

  2. LOL! I have a feeling this kid isn’t going anywhere. And the fact that people are talking him up more than Theo says a lot about his talent. It seems Theo has under performed in so many people’s eyes. This season, if given the chance, Wilshere could be a Premier League sensation (along with Arshavin)! And we know Wenger isn’t afraid to play the kids.

    I think this is so exciting for England fans. Wilshere could definitely light up the England side the way Gazza did all those years ago!

  3. lets see what this guy can really do before we compare him to GAZZA.

    I always thought theo was so overated. I mean he runs and runs and at the crucial moment when the cross has to be perfect on the foot of van persie he loses the ball.

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